6 ways to get more engagement on Instagram


With over 1 billion Instagram users worldwide, every piece of content you post has the potential to attract a community of engaged and like-minded individuals. In today’s post, we’re sharing key tips on how to get more engagement on Instagram.

1. Plan your feed

It’s important to consistently post content that resonates with your target audience. Posting relevant and valuable content keeps your community engaged and reinforces their trust and connection with your brand. We do this at Legendary by first identifying the overarching themes and topics that are relevant to our client’s target audience. This gives us an idea of what to post. After we identify those themes, we ensure that there is a constant flow of content being posted each month by creating the content in bulk. Doing this also helps keep your feed looking cohesive. 

2. Post at the right time 

Take advantage of your Instagram Insights feature and study the time that your community is most active. Use those insights to guide you on when to schedule your posts. This increases the chances of more users seeing your posts the moment they get published, thus increasing engagement. 

3. Engage with your community 

Take some time to cultivate your brand’s relationship with its community every day – especially right after a post goes live. This means responding to comments and engaging with any users that are interacting with your post. This is important because it shows your audience that you care about their response. It also encourages them to continue engaging with you and among your other followers. The more you actively do this, the more you will humanize your brand and be able to connect with your community better.   

4. Create content that can be saved or shared 

When a piece of content receives a lot of saves or shares, it shows Instagram that the post is important, signalling the algorithm to push out the post for more users to discover. Play around with different types of content such as tutorials, tips, or educational posts that align with the industry your brand or business is in. Follow up by using Instagram Insights to see which posts are generating the most saves and shares, and continue creating similar content. 

5. Use the right hashtags 

When your hashtags are optimized, you’ll be able to attract more like-minded users to your account. Use hashtags that are relevant to your content to prevent your post from looking like spam or reaching the wrong audiences. We recommend posting a minimum of 12 hashtags per post. 

6. Take advantage of stickers in IG Stories 

Are you using all the stickers that Instagram Stories have to offer? Instagram Stories stickers are not only great for adding personality to your posts, but they can also give you valuable insight into your community. Stickers such as polls, quizzes, location, and questions can be used to gather information into what your community resonates with and what they like or dislike.  

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