9 tips for making your Instagram Reels stand out


Reels continue to be a popular feature on Instagram, with accounts getting a ton of views and engagement on their content!

With Instagram promoting the exposure of Reels, there’s an endless number of opportunities to reach a larger audience. 

If you’re thinking about creating Instagram Reels, here are some incredible ways you can make them stand out:

1. Start with a plan

Having a plan for your Reel will make it easier for you to create your video and tell the best story to your audience. 

Here are some questions to consider during your planning process:

  • What is your Reel about? (A personal story, tips, challenge, etc.)
  • What is the goal behind your video? (Do you want your audience to engage? Purchase a product?)
  • How long do you want your Reel to be? (Recommended: 15-40 seconds)
  • Which features do you want to use? (Effects, music, voiceover, etc.)

Once you have all these factors figured out, it’ll be easier for you to create the right Reel for your audience. If you need step-by-step instructions on how to create a Reel, check out Legendary’s How-To Make Reels Guide.  

2. Tell a story

Storytelling is central to any form of social media marketing. No matter what your Reel is about, taking your audience on a journey from a clear beginning to an end can improve their experience. 

Here are some questions you can ask yourself to help you along the way:

  • What is the main thing you want to tell your audience?
  • Does your story have a beginning, middle and end?
  • Which emotions do you hope your audience will feel?
  • Do you want your audience to take any actions at the end?

Not all of these questions need to be answered, but they are a good starting point for mapping out what story you want to tell during your Reel. 

3. Jump on trends

There are so many fun and creative Instagram trends you can participate in! Trends and challenges tend to be popular on the platform and have a high chance of going viral.

Choose the Instagram Reels trend you like best and put your own spin on it!

4. Be original and creative 

The most important strategy for getting your Reels noticed is to be both creative and original. Even if you’re jumping on a current Instagram trend, there are still a number of ways to add your personal flair. 

Bringing your own personality into your Reels, whether they’re personal stories, unique tutorials or features on your brand, can really help you stand out from the crowd. 

5. Provide value

Do you have any tips, tricks and knowledge to share? Make a Reel about it!

Providing your audience with valuable content is a great way to establish your brand, grow trust amongst your audience and get your content shared. 

If there is an industry, niche or skill that you are an expert in, chances are there are a ton of people who want to learn from you. Providing instructional and educational content can be a great tool for your audience. 

6. Shoot your video vertically 

Instagram Reels are made specifically to accommodate vertical videos. Your users will also be viewing videos vertically so it’s important to shoot your Reels that way. 

7. Take advantage of Instagram Reels features

Adding music, text, sound effects and stickers to your Reels is what makes them shine.

There are a number of features you can choose from — be creative!

8. Create shoppable content 

If your brand sells products, tag them in your Reels!

It’s a great way to create content that complements your products while providing them with an easy way to purchase them. 

Some fun ideas to incorporate into shoppable content are product features, tips for using your products and tutorials. 

9. Share, share, share!

The best way to get your Reels noticed is to share them as much as possible. 

Share your Reels to your Instagram feed, Instagram stories and other social media platforms to ensure you’re reaching as many people as you can. 

Instagram Reels are a great tool for reaching a wider audience and providing quality content. If you think that Reels are a great strategy for your brand, Legendary Social Media offers customized Instagram Reel Content Creation Packages suited to your brand’s individual needs. 

Contact us today to get a custom quote!

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