Advertising is dead. Long live social media.

Question 1: When’s the last time you watched TV? I mean real TV, not Netflix. I bet you had your tablet or smartphone on your hands the whole time. Or maybe you didn’t, but then I’d wage a bet that during the commercials you got up to pee or pour another glass of wine. I know I did.

Question 2: When’s the last time you read a newspaper? The kind that’s made out of actual paper. Can’t remember? Neither can I. Let’s say you read the news online lately, did you even notice the ads on the page? Did you click on any of them? Probably not. I know I didn’t.

Question 3: When’s the last time a billboard made you want to buy something? Have you paused to really examine a full-page magazine ad lately? Did it make you want to pull your wallet out?

If you’re anything like me or the rest of the world-dominating Gen Y band of hooligans, you’ve likely been tuned out of what advertising is trying to tell you ever since you escaped your teens and became a free thinking adult. The reason? We know what we want, and we know how to find it:


Advertising is dead because social marketing killed it – and the thing is, I don’t mean social marketing, I really just mean advertising died because people who know how to find what they want look online, and the businesses who know how to speak to us though killer SEO and epic content are our accomplices in the murder.


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