September 2021: Instagram swipe up links, getting verified, and more!

Instagram Tips - legendary social media vancouver

Instagram has had a few updates for September 2021 that we wanted to share today, including: 

  • story links
  • new guidelines for getting verified
  • how to rank for SEO on the platform

Story links feature 

Instagram recently announced that the swipe-up feature in Instagram Stories will now be replaced with a link sticker. The link sticker will be available for businesses and creators who are either verified or have over 10K followers. The stickers will give users more control over the design of their stories, and allow their audiences to engage with the stories. To use the story links feature, simply tap the sticker icon located in the top row of sticker options in Instagram stories, and then add your link. Learn more about the new feature here

How to get verified

Getting verified on Instagram has many benefits, including ranking first in relevant Instagram searches, and social proofing the business or creator account you run. 

Instagram has recently released criteria for verification, which states:

  • Your account must represent a real person, registered business, or entity.
  • Your account must be the unique presence of the person or business it represents. Notable entities (for example, pets or publications) are also eligible.
  • Only one account per person or business may be verified, with exceptions for language-specific accounts.
  • Your account must be public and have a bio, profile photo and at least one post.
  • Your account must represent a well-known, highly searched-for person, brand or entity.

Ranking for SEO in Instagram Search 

Adam Mosseri, Head of Instagram, recently explained how the algorithm ranks accounts in the Instagram search results. According to his blog post on this subject, there are three primary factors – ordered by importance on how to rank in the search results. Here’s what he posted:

  1. Your text in Search. The text you enter in the search bar is by far the most important signal for Search. We try to match what you type with relevant usernames, bios, captions, hashtags and places.
  2. Your activity. This includes accounts you follow, posts you’ve viewed, and how you’ve interacted with accounts in the past. We usually show accounts and hashtags you follow or visit higher than those you don’t.
  3. Information about the search results. When there are a lot of potential results, we also look at popularity signals. These include the number of clicks, likes, shares and follows for a particular account, hashtag or place.

To show up in the search results, Instagram recommends following best practices, including using a relevant handle and profile name, adding relevant keywords and locations in your bio, and using relevant keywords and hashtags in your captions. 

If you’re unsure of how to optimize your Instagram business profile for ranking on search, check out our guide here

Finally, Instagram stated that more improvements will be launched soon to help more users get discovered so be sure to follow our blog to stay up to date.

Social Media Photography Tips for Medical Aesthetics Clinics

Shooting in a medical aesthetics clinic isn’t like most lifestyle shoots. When we shoot social media photos for medical aesthetics clinics, space is usually confined, lighting can be tricky, and setting up the shoot locations can be time-consuming due to equipment and working with models. 

Our in-house photographer Kat recently shot for two aesthetic clinic clients – Halcyon Cosmetic in Port Moody, and Fraser Medical Aesthetics in Maple Ridge. Here are Kat’s top social media photography tips: 

Be consistent.  

Consistency is KEY to shooting medical aesthetic clinics, and here are some things that can play into consistency to think about: 

  • Lighting
  • Background
  • Focal Length
  • Distance from Camera
  • Model Pose
  • Equipment


When it comes to lighting, you want the focus to be on the patient’s skin to showcase the effectiveness of the treatment they received. Therefore, lighting should be bright enough to show the natural skin and texture, but not so bright that it makes the skin look unnatural or filtered. 

More tips for lighting: 

  • Eliminate shadows as you can as they can be distracting or distorting. Especially when you’re taking before and after shots, shadows can cause features like scars to appear darker than they really are.
  • Avoid soft, flattering light that doesn’t pick up on skin texture. 


If possible, use the same shooting location and background every time you take before & after shots. If you aren’t able to secure a consistent background, consider investing in a backdrop to achieve similar results.


Depending on what the focus is on (eyes, lips, face), your angles may change. However, for each focus, we recommend shooting all of the before and after photos at a similar angle every time.

  • Keep the focal length and distances from the camera the same in every photo. 
  • If your models are standing for the photos, you can use floor tape to mark the floor to indicate where they should stand. You can do the same for setting up your tripod as well

Check out the photos on our client Halcyon Comsetic’s feed:  

Halcyon Cosmetic Instagram Feed - Legendary Social Media Vancouver


You can shoot at the perfect angles, with the perfect lighting and background, but if you have a low-resolution camera, you won’t be able to demonstrate the benefits of the medical aesthetic treatments with enough detail to make an impact. Therefore, consider investing in a high-resolution and dependable DSLR camera. Choose a lens that will be able to take photos showing skin conditions. 

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Client Feature: Halcyon Cosmetic

A big part of what makes our work at Legendary Social Media exciting is the chance to work with a diverse range of clients every day. And today, we’re back to feature another incredible client – Halcyon Cosmetic

Halcyon Cosmetics - Legendary Social Media

We started working with Halcyon Cosmetic in May, and since our first call with their team, we have been inspired by how knowledgeable and talented they are. Located in Port Moody, BC, they opened their doors in 2014 and specialize in helping people look and feel their best. 

Since opening, owners Kelly Hallam and Stephanie Wilson joined together and built up a team of professionals that radiates passion for their field. They are true experts in permanent makeup, aesthetic treatments, and inner wellness. They offer an extensive range of treatments, of the highest quality:

  • Permanent Makeup
  • Paramedical Procedures
  • Aesthetic Treatments 
  • Lash Extensions & Beauty Treatments

Our team at Legendary Social Media has been working with Halcyon Cosmetic on: 

Social Media Management & Content Creation

Our Legendary Social Media Team manages both Facebook and Instagram pages for Halcyon Cosmetic. This includes everything from strategizing, writing captions, taking photos, planning out their feed, and making sure everything is scheduled to post on time! 


Halcyon Cosmetic Instagram - Legendary Social Media Vancouver   Halcyon Cosmetic Instagram - Legendary Social Media Vancouver

Google My Business Posts

Google My Business, or GMB, is a tool that enables businesses to appear in local search results when users are using Google nearby. It gives users information to contact the business and is a great way to reach nearby people. Plus, posting on your Google My Business page can boost your business’s SEO. We help keep Halcyon Cosmetic’s Google My Business listing updated with their promotions, product offerings and new treatments. 

Not sure how often to post to GMB? Read our tips here

Social Media Photography

In addition, our in-house photographer, Kat, did an amazing photoshoot for them recently. Our primary focus is on featuring “before and after” photos. This demonstrates the incredible difference their treatments make. We also spotlight their talented team who are some of the most experienced and highly trained permanent makeup artists in North America. 


Thank you, Halcyon Cosmetic, for trusting us with your social media management.

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How often should you post on Google My Business?

Google My Business, or GMB for short, is a free tool that allows businesses to appear in local search results when users nearby are using Google. It provides users with the necessary information to contact the business and allows businesses to be reached by prospective customers. 

Google My Business - Legendary Social Media Vancouver

While a lot of businesses have a Google My Business listing set up, one feature that most people don’t know about is Google My Business posts. Posting content on Google My Business is free and can help businesses with their SEO, ranking higher in search results. 

When used strategically, publishing content on Google My Business can be an effective way to generate website traffic, leads, and sales for your business. 

A frequently asked question we get from our clients is: How often should you post on Google My Business?

One important thing to note first is that all GMB posts will expire after 7 days. That means you will want to publish fresh content at least once a week to stay active on your page. For maximum engagement, post daily. 

5 things to know to maximize your Google My Business posts 

Post Photos

Use high-quality photos to go with your GMB posts. Pairing your captions with a photo is a great way to show your audience what your business is about. Including a photo can also help capture attention and bring users to your page.

Keep Posts Short

People’s attention spans are short – especially when they are browsing online. That’s why it’s important to keep your posts short. Publish relevant content that will resonate with your target audience within a few seconds to keep them engaged. We recommend 150-300 characters max for each post.

Add Keywords

Make sure your post contains relevant keywords to help more users find your business on Google. This will help with SEO and boost your rankings in the search engine.

Proofread Your Posts  

Remember to always read through your posts thoroughly to make sure there are no spelling or grammatical errors. Remember, you are writing to represent your business!

Repurpose Content You Already Created 

If creating fresh content daily for GMB page is too much work, we recommend repurposing the content you already have that you post on your social media channels (Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook). Don’t start from scratch – start with what you already have! 

Here are some examples of Google My Business Posts that we published for one of our clients – The Facial Room!

The Facial Room Google My Business - Legendary Social Media Vancouver


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