The Explore page on Instagram got revamped. Here’s how to show up there…

The Instagram Explore page has always been one of the most coveted social media spots. It’s the place that new followers can find you when they search for hashtags, for example. Showing up there is key to growing quickly!

Now that it’s been revamped, it’s even more desirable. But what is it exactly? And how do you get on the new Instagram Explore page?

What is the Explore page – and how can it help my social media marketing?

Basically, the Explore page is a place to peruse content that isn’t just from accounts you follow. It’s a great way to find new accounts to follow – or just find an interesting post or two. In the past, the Explore page was pretty general. That meant that you could spend a long time skimming through without finding anything you were interested in. It was one of the most general aspects of any social media platform.

That’s why Instagram just overhauled the whole Explore system! Now, your Explore page is personalized to each user. It’s made to help people find new content they, personally, would enjoy.

So how does Instagram decide what you might want to see?

Like most social media platforms, it uses an algorithm that factors in what you look at, search for, comment on and like. Instagram then uses that to decide what else you might be interested in. This also means that your Explore page will always be evolving as you engage with Instagram.  

How do I get my social media content to appear on Instagram’s Explore page?

Since the Explore page is a major way for potential followers to find brands like yours, it is important to get content on there. In order to do that, follow these simple steps.

One: Check to see if you already have content on the Explore page

You may have had content hit the Explore page without you even realizing it. So before you worry about trying to get on the page, check out your “Insights” tab. That’ll tell you if you’ve hit the Explore page and, if so, how your posts have done.

Two: Stick to your aesthetic in your Stories

Stories have a better chance of making it to the Explore page if they match the aesthetic in the rest of your content. So if you use rose gold and grey in your photos, don’t then use lime green in your Stories.

Three: Post at the best times

Your followers have times when they engage the most and are the most responsive – and you need to figure out when those times are.

Look to see when you get the most likes and comments. Experiment with posting at different times to see how quick the response is. Then, once you know the times when you get the most engagement the fastest, post at those times.

Or, switch to a Business Profile and check your Instagram Insights.

When content gets a spike in engagement quickly, it’s more likely to get put on the Explore page.

Four: Tag products

There are a number of categories on the Explore page. One of those categories is a marketplace for online shopping. When you tag products, you can get added there. So get tagging!

Five: Make more videos and IGTV content

Videos and IGTV content also have their own tabs – and they are both in high demand! If you want to get on the Explore sight, give Instagram what it’s looking for. Don’t have videos to share? Add movement to your photos or create a video that switches from photo to photo.

Six: Connect with other accounts

When there are companies that are complementary to yours, tag them when appropriate! For example, if you run a cafe, think about taking a photo of beans you have for sale and tagging your roaster. Then they will hopefully cross-promote, helping everyone get more followers.

Seven: Use hashtags

Hashtags – the right ones, at least – are key to Instagram success. Make sure you are consistently using the strongest hashtags for your business. You can test this for yourself, or work with a professional to find the best hashtags for your posts.

The trick to using social proof for your social media marketing


There are a lot of psychological concepts that you can use to your advantage in your social media marketing. One of the most interesting is social proof.

What is social proof? And how does it work?

Most importantly, how can it help your social media marketing?

Social proof in social media marketing

Social proof was first identified by psychologist Robert Cialdini. According to him, social proof is a phenomenon where people see an action more desirable because others are doing it.

Social proof can also cross over to products and services, with people seeing certain options more desirable because of the number of people using them. Not all users are seen as equal either. The more we trust someone’s judgement or look up to them, the more power we give them.

Taking that into account, psychologists have broken social proof down into six categories:

One: Celebrity

This is the most commonly understood approach to social proof. Basically, it’s when a celebrity endorses a product or service. Think about this through the Kardashians. They have all kinds of products and services they promote on social media. Not only does this share information about the product or service, but people who admire, or aspire to be the Kardashians now transfer their trusted feelings about the family to the product or service.

Two: Expert

Expert social proof is about legitimacy. The idea here is that someone who we see as having a higher level of information than we do about something is giving us advice about which product or service is the best choice.

Three: User

This is a simple – yet effective – review system. When people are genuinely buying and endorsing products or services, others trust those recommendations. The idea is that these reviews are unbiased as the users aren’t being paid for them.

Four: Certification

This is about approval. When you are given recognized certifications, such as an award or even the blue checkmark on Twitter, that shows a level of credibility and respect. That is enough to make many customers give your business a second look!

Five: Wisdom of friends

This social proof occurs when friends are the ones endorsing a product or service. The wisdom of friends is a strong form of social media marketing because there is already trust in place. When friends suggest something, we are more likely to listen to them because of that trust. 

Six: Wisdom of the crowd

Wisdom of the crowd is about numbers. It happens when a large group of people all endorse your company, brand, product, or service. The idea is usually: “how can so many people be wrong?”

All these forms of social proof are great, but how do you use them in your social media marketing?

How can you implement social proof into your social media marketing strategy? Here are a few ways:

  • Reviews
  • Testimonials
  • Working with influencers
  • Promoting partners and connections
  • Sharing milestones
  • Promoting press coverage
  • Curating user generated content
  • Getting verified

All of these social media marketing techniques incorporate one or more of the forms of social proof.

Social Media Client Feature: Little Kitchen Academy

Social media marketing is our passion! Just like we have a calling, so does our client Little Kitchen Academy. Little Kitchen Academy is a unique, Montessori-inspired cooking academy for kids that opens its first location in June. We love that we get to work with Little Kitchen to help get their incredible message out to the world!

Social Media Client Feature: Little Kitchen Academy - legendary social media vancouver

Our social media client, Little Kitchen Academy

Little Kitchen Academy works with children and teens, helping them learn about cooking, nutrition, and how to have a healthy lifestyle. But the education the kids get doesn’t end there! The staff at Little Kitchen also incorporate other skills within the cooking process. Here are just a few of the ways traditional school material is covered through cooking…

One: Math

There are a lot of calculations in cooking. Ingredients have to be measured. To, say, double or halve a recipe or substitute an ingredient, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and factions all come into play. When students go to the store, they have to use a variety of math skills to calculate costs, taxes, and budgets.

Two: Science

Science is incorporated through mixtures of ingredients. Students are able to see the impact of an acid or an alkaline. They look at how various ingredients combine – or don’t. Students get to see how materials change when heat or cold is applied. And this just scratches the surface of the learning opportunities! Staff take every one of these opportunities to cover key scientific material.

Three: English

Little Kitchen Academy also finds ways to incorporate language skills. Students read recipes. They also speak about dishes, finding new words to describe what they taste. Students work in groups at times, having to communicate with one another – and use teamwork!

On top of these skills, the students at Little Kitchen practice joy and mindfulness. Together, all these elements allow students to build the foundation necessary for a healthy life!

Little Kitchen Academy’s social media

At Legendary, we are managing Little Kitchen Academy’s social media for their first summer session! Here are just a few of the social media elements that we are handling for Little Kitchen’s Facebook and Instagram…

Social Media Client Feature: Little Kitchen Academy - legendary social media vancouver

One: Content

We create the content for Little Kitchen Academy’s social media. As the first location is opening in June, we are focused on building interest in Little Kitchen. Luckily, this is such an incredible concept, it’s easy for us to get people excited about it!

Little Kitchen also has amazing brand connections, such as Birkenstock and Chop Value! We highlight these brand connections on both social media platforms.

Two: Engagement

Engagement is important, especially in the lead-up to Little Kitchen Academy’s opening session. Here at Legendary, we answer questions and comments. That way, Little Kitchen’s staff can stay focused on getting ready for their opening!

Three: Advertising

Finally, we handle social media advertising for Little Kitchen Academy. That can include ad posts, as well as boosting key Facebook and Instagram content. Our goal here is to promote enrollment and to let parents know about the academy.

PS Little Kitchen Academy is now accepting registrations for their Summer Sessions. If you have kids age three or older, click here to join!

How much does Instagram influencer marketing cost?


Instagram influencer marketing is a key part of social media marketing today. Just think about how many times you see “#ad” while scrolling through your Instagram feed!

And let’s face it, Instagram influencer marketing has blown up because it works.

But what does it cost – and is it worth it?

Why you need Instagram influencer marketing for your company’s social media strategy

In the past, it was more common for influencers to be willing to post something for free in exchange for use of your product or service, but that’s not the case anymore! Influencers who have fewer than 3,000 followers might be willing to do a trade, but even they may expect to get paid!

It’s only fair – the influencer is creating content for you (photos, videos and a caption, as well as managing comments on the post about your brand), so they should be compensated for their work.

The bigger the influencer’s following, the more they usually charge. Aside from that, there isn’t much consistency at all! We see influencers charging anywhere from $100 to $1,000 for an Instagram Feed post and a Instagram Story or two.

But while there may not be a standard Instagram influencer marketing rate, you can calculate a fair price. Follow these few simple steps to find the Instagram influencer marketing price that’s right for you!

The steps to establish Instagram influencer marketing rates and costs

One: Decide what your budget is for your influencer campaign

It’s easy to get swept away by influencers with big audiences and flashy posts. That’s why it’s so important to have a clear budget going into your campaign. It can be hard to negotiate if there’s no wiggle room. That’s why we always suggest having a low and high number for the total budget of the campaign.

Two: Contact a social media agency or create your own list of influencers

This is where having a social media agency can be very important. While you can put together your own list of influencers, how will you know if their followers are real? Will your post be shown to the right audience? Will the influencer act professionally when responding to comments? Does the influencer represent your brand in the right light? Will they post about your competitors in the near future? Most social media agencies maintain lists of influencers they know and trust – and that would be right for your campaign. By working with a professional, you can get your campaign up and running fast. Plus, you can save yourself hours of work!

Three: Vet the influencers or have them vetted

Again, a professional can really help at this point. They know how to vet influencers – and will have already vetted anyone on their influencer lists. If you are handling your Instagram influencer marketing alone, make sure you look at the influencer and their past engagement. Any vetting should include reading old posts, ensuring there’s no content that is going to be an issue for your company.

Four: Keep in mind how many followers your company’s account has

The larger your following and the more recognition your brand has, the more bargaining power you have. That’s because, if you have a large following, you can also help the influencer get more attention and followers, which translates to more success down the road.

Five: Approach your desired influencers

Now you’re at the first contact point. Make sure that when you get in touch, you explain what you want from the influencer. Let them know why you want to partner with them. The more personal you make this pitch, the more likely an influencer is to sign on! Finally, ask the influencer their rate.

Six: Negotiate

Be careful with this one! You want to negotiate, but within reason. If an influencer says their rate is $1,000, for example, don’t come back offering $250. Not only is that not going to happen, but it’ll probably be seen as insulting! So be cautious and respectful. If the price ends up being too high for you, let the influencer know and move on.  

Seven: Confirm your influencers

It’s decision time! Decide who fits within your campaign budget. Pick which influencers are the best fit for your product or service, as well as your company as a whole.


Hoping to check out some Instagram influencer marketing in action? Check out this recent influencer campaign we ran for our client GOeVisit!

Social Media Client Feature: GOeVisit

Here at Legendary, we have been handling the social media for GOeVisit since the fall of 2016. More recently, the team at GOeVisit asked us to do a full refresh of their current social media marketing to really focus in on their target markets, based on what we had learned about their customers over the past two and a half years. So, we put together a long term strategic guide, and implemented that strategy, getting the company tangible results.

GOeVisit’s SmartExam app lets Canadians get professional medical care and prescription renewals at the tip of their fingers. Based here in Vancouver, the company is positioned to dominate the telemedicine market for Western Canada, which we think is pretty cool.

social media client feature goevisit - legendary social media vancouver

GOeVisit’s social media

There are a number of aspects of GOeVisit’s social media that we take care of. These include:

One. Content on key social media platforms

Legendary handles GOeVisit’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram content. As the platforms each have different audiences, we create unique content for each one. This way, GOeVisit is always speaking to the right audience in the right forum.
Instagram: Millennial women, including students and young professionals
Facebook: Mothers with young children and seniors in rural communities

Two. Handle engagement

Engagement is one of the most time-consuming aspects of social media! There needs to be daily engagement addressing questions and comments. This can be a huge demand on your or your staff members’ time. That’s why we take care of engagement for clients like GOeVisit!

Three. Create and manage social media advertisements

We create all of GOeVisit’s social media advertisements. In addition, we do the media buys, choosing which advertisements will run on each social media platform. We also use our expertise to decide when is the right time to run campaigns. Our clients then get the greatest impact for their social media advertisements!

Four. Run influencer campaigns

Finally, we organize and manage influencer campaigns for GOeVisit. We make sure the right influencers are matched with the right campaign!

Recent social media campaigns for GOeVisit

We have completed a number of successful campaigns for GOeVisit. One of the recent campaigns was for International Women’s Day. Here are just a few of the ways we made this a hit on social media!

One. No fees

Any good social media campaign needs a good incentive. For GOeVisit’s International Women’s Day campaign the incentive we gave people to register for GOeVisit’s services was 3 months of access for no fee. 

Two. Influencer partnerships

Social media influencers are a key component of most successful campaigns. For International Women’s Day, we partnered GOeVisit with five vetted influencers. These influencers then helped promote the campaign to a wider audience.

The influencer team we chose created four Instagram posts, one blog, and five Instagram Stories. All of these pieces went live on International Women’s Day 2019, creating a buzz around GOeVisit! We then had two of the influencers create follow-up posts and Instagram Stories later in the month. These brought the campaign back into the public eye.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by BossBabe Coach | Blogger (@lipstickandmuffingirl) on

Three. Social media posts

We made sure to promote the campaign through GOeVisit’s posts as well. In addition to directly speaking about the campaign, we also posted about women’s health, keeping the topic at top of their followers’ minds.

The campaign was a huge success! Not only did it boost GOeVisit’s Instagram followers and traffic to the company’s website, but it also led to a spike in registrations during the month of March. That’s in addition to the promotional signups on March 8th!

We are excited to get to work on GOeVisit’s next social media influencer campaign in the coming months!

Instagram feed inspiration: Ten brands we’re loving right now

We love some good Instagram feed inspiration! These are successful accounts that you can look to for ideas about how to connect with followers. Here are a few of our favourite accounts to go to for this inspiration!

10 accounts that are perfect for Instagram feed inspiration

One: Coffee Cartel Bali


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A post shared by Coffee Cartel Bali (@coffeecartelbali) on

Coffee Cartel Bali demonstrates how a brand can make or break a social media account. While this is a coffee house, everything on the Coffee Cartel Bali Instagram feed goes back to the brand identity. There’s a clear colour scheme and vibe, making sure that followers know the company’s brand before they even set foot in the coffee house! You can bet that people who follow this account on Instagram and travel to Bali make a stop here to take pictures for their own feed, bringing in revenue for the business.

Two: Busy Philipps


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A post shared by Busy Philipps (@busyphilipps) on

Busy is authenticity to the max! Her Instagram gives peeks into her life, but it also captures her humour and personality. That’s the balance we should all be looking for!

Three: Make Lemonade


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A post shared by Make Lemonade (@makelemonadeco) on

Make Lemonade manages to be positive without getting saccharine. That makes it feel like a safe place to admit to stress and failure, but then to get back up and going. The many photos of women working together and inspirational comments give a sense of community, creating a sense of friendship and warmth.



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A post shared by (@latermedia) on

Later Media shows how creating an overall look on Instagram can build your brand. There’s a clear colour palette and even a retro vibe used here. At the same time, while there is cohesion, all the photos are engaging and rich, making them a visual experience followers love!

Five: Jameela Jamil


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A post shared by Jameela Jamil (@jameelajamilofficial) on

Jameela Jamil shows how you can include powerful statements in your social media. While she includes photos and promotions for her projects, she also challenges the expectations of women in our culture. She uses satire, connecting with her followers and making sure that her feed is both entertaining and powerful! Talk about some Instagram feed inspiration!  

Six: Barbie


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A post shared by Barbie® (@barbiestyle) on

This account is brilliant! It takes Barbie and her friends, placing them in situations as though they were women on social media. The level of creativity can draw in all kinds of followers who want to see how Barbie and her friends’ lives are going to be built next. This goes to show how creative you can get with your products and services!

Seven: Away


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A post shared by Away (@away) on

Away shows how you can balance promoting your product with providing value in social media posts. Instead of just taking pictures of their suitcases, Away shares gorgeous travel photos and information. By doing that, they are able to connect with travellers, not making them just feel advertised to.

Eight: A Color Story


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A post shared by A Color Story (@acolorstory) on

A Color Story entices followers with amazing photos. This is a great way to draw people in! At the same time, they make a clear offer of value… They will help you get colourful photos too.

Nine: Halo Top Creamery


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A post shared by Halo Top Creamery (@halotopcreamery) on

Halo Top Creamery is another master of social media photography! Each photo of their account is bright, fun, and perfectly on-brand. They make their products look enticing, encouraging followers to give them a try. At the same time, they always make sure to mention their differentiation point – their ice cream is low-calorie. This makes sure everyone knows why they should be opting for Halo Top over another brand.  

Ten: Agador


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A post shared by Agador 🦁 (@poochofnyc) on

This is a full-on dog account – and it’s adorable! Agador is always dressed to the nines, being placed in human situations. We love this account because it’s cute and charming. On top of that, it has a well-stated brand: Agador is the Bob Ross of dogs. We should all have such a clear focus!

Not sure how to use this Instagram feed inspiration in your social media? Use these tips to help you Instagram like a rockstar!   

How to use user-generated content on social media

User-generated social media is fantastic! So why do so few companies engage with it? Honestly, a lot of people don’t know what user-generated content is – or how to use it. So here’s the 411.

The basics of user-generated social media content

User-generated content refers to social media posts that users make. When talking about companies, user-generated content are posts where users discuss your business, products, or services. The advantage of user-generated content is that it feels authentic and viewers trust it more. Think about it this way… If someone tells you they’re kind, you may or may not believe them. But if five of the person’s acquaintances tell you they’re kind, you’re much more likely to believe that. After all, why would these people say this if it wasn’t true? In the same way, posts you create about your products and services can always be dismissed as being biased.

User-generated content, however, can’t.

Remember that genuine user-generated content isn’t ads you arrange with influencers. While there may be a place for these ads in your marketing plan, real user-generated content will be seen as more authentic and trustworthy as those folks aren’t being paid to say good things about your company!

Most companies share user-generated content through reposts. This not only encourages followers to talk about you to be featured, but it also increases trust in your business, products, and services and drives purchasing. It also means you don’t have to create all your content yourself, saving you time!

How to get user-generated social media content

One: Be clear about what you are looking for

Many followers want to be featured, especially by businesses they love. So put a call out for the kind of content you’re looking for! For example, you can suggest that your followers take a picture with their favourite of your products. Always make sure to say how to share that with you – through a specific hashtag or tagging you in the post, for instance.

Two: Search for content

Stay on top of hashtags related to your business, its products or services, and any promotions you are running. If you see content that’s related to you, save it and share it!

Three: Credit the poster

Never infringe on another’s copyright – meaning, don’t steal their work! You don’t want to take someone’s material, you want to share it. In order to achieve that, make sure that you always give credit to the poster. Consider thanking the poster too, especially if they have put a lot of time and energy into their post!

Four: Offer a promotion

One of the best ways to get user-generated content is to offer a promotion. A common promotion is a discount. For example, you may want to give a discount code to anyone who shares a photo of them with your product. If you are doing this, follow up with the code quickly and make sure it is working before you make the offer!

Five: Run a competition

Another great way to promote user-generated social media content is with a competition. This has the same advantages as a promotion but often costs less. Not sure what contest idea is right for you? Here are a few ideas to get you started!

Social Media Client Feature: Waves Coffee

We love our clients! Today, we want to celebrate one of our amazing clients – Waves Coffee House. This Vancouver-based chain of 31 coffee shops located across BC and Alberta is all about connecting people in their local cafe. For the last year, we have been working with Waves Coffee to create social media that reflects their vibe and values.

social media client feature waves coffee - legendary social media vancouver

Our social media plan for Waves Coffee

We built a multi-platform social media plan for Waves. Our work with the company has included creating and managing:

  • Content around Waves Coffee’s brand story
  • Content addressing the company’s speciality coffee beans, drinks and promotional features
  • Content promoting special events like CTV’s Sidewalk Slam and Waves Coffee’s 13th birthday
  • Social media engagement and customer service on Twitter
  • Ads for promotions
  • Ads for Wave Coffee’s Wellness Campaign
  • Photography and styling for digital POS and social media banners
  • Graphic design for printed in-store promo materials
  • Stop-motion video for social media

Two social media campaigns Legendary created for Waves Coffee

Social media campaigns are important to get your new products and promotions out there! Here are two of the most successful campaigns for Waves Coffee…

One: Waves Wellness 

To ring in the new year and help people start off on a healthy foot, Waves calls their first campaign of each year Waves Wellness. This year, Waves partnered with Blender Bites and introduced Oat Milk, a vegan protein wrap, as well as their turmeric latte.

We ran a collection of ads targeted to people who live near a Waves location featuring a stop-motion video we created, which garnered:

  • 325,000 impressions
  • Over 38,000 views of the stop-motion video

Our light, colourful look brought the feeling of a fresh start to the campaign. By doing this, we connected Waves Coffee’s products to warmth, excitement, health and hope – all feelings we associate with the new year!

social media client feature waves coffee - legendary social media vancouver

Two: Daffodil campaign

Our next social media campaign for Waves Coffee was the Daffodil campaign. This campaign focused on a partnership between Waves Coffee and the Canadian Cancer Society. In order to promote this partnership, we did a series of social media photography. Then we produced and filmed a video with the Canadian Cancer Society. We took this content and built social media posts and ads around them.

social media client feature waves coffee - legendary social media vancouver

It was such a pleasure being able to share this important message and raise awareness about the Canadian Cancer Society! We’re particularly proud of this campaign because it shows how you can use your social media to support your business and do good in the world. Talk about a win-win!

Are you ready to up your social media game? Legendary Social Media is here to help! Tell us what you want out of your company’s social media and let us assist you in achieving those goals!

Five bad social media habits you need to break

We’re all guilty of some social media faux pas from time to time. But there are some bad social media habits that can seriously damage how your company is seen online! Here are 5 of the worst offenders!

5 of the worst bad social media habits

One: Using too many hashtags in your Instagram captions

Having a ton of hashtags in your post’s caption has been connected with spam. If you have all the hashtags within your post, it’s just going to look messy and unprofessional. This can undermine your client’s confidence in your expertise, which can be a big problem.

How to break this bad social media habit

Keep to a few key visible hashtags! Make sure that those visible hashtags are relevant to your brand and campaign. Then, take the rest of the hashtags you want to include and place them in a separate grouping under your caption or in a comment. This will allow you to enjoy the benefits of this hashtags without your followers having to wade through them.

Two: Too much self-promotion

Social media followers don’t want to feel like they are just being marketed to. If they do, they’ll probably leave your profile. Yet most businesses spend most of their social posts marketing to their followers. Well, now, it’s time to cut that out!

How to break this bad social media habit

Keep your social media social and valuable. Talk about topics related to your business, share your expertise, and engage! This way, you can connect with followers who have interests that overlap with your company. If you are including valuable posts and engaging with your followers, then you can complement these posts with some direct marketing posts that speak to your products or services. Just remember that it’s all about balance!

Three: Oversharing

You don’t want to follow a company only to find personal information about the owners, complaints, or other oversharing. Not only is this going to lose you followers, but it can also damage the confidence your clients have in your company.

How to break this bad social media habit

Repeat after us… “my company’s social media is not my personal profile”! You shouldn’t be sharing personal information on your company’s profiles. If you want to speak personally, create another set of accounts. On your company account, keep things business appropriate and on-brand. This generally means opting for informational posts and positive viewpoints over complaints and gossip. That doesn’t mean being fake though! You can still show behind the scenes videos and share your point-of-view… on relevant topics, in a professional way.

Four: Canned responses

You don’t want your company’s social media to feel fake or stiff. If it does, people can’t connect with your vibe! When they don’t connect with your vibe, they don’t invest in your company. That makes them less likely to engage with your social media, as well as with your products and services.

How to break this bad social media habit

Be authentic! Share you point-of-view and draw your followers into your world. That said, remember to be on brand and on topic. The best way to do that is to use your brand guidelines to direct your content and responses. Don’t forget that different social media platforms have different audiences – speak to the audience on each platform!

Five: Posting on every social media platform

Some people think more is more, especially when it comes to social media. Not all platforms are appropriate for your business though! You only want to be in the spaces where you can connect with the potential audiences for your products and services.

How to break this bad social media habit

Instead of overwhelming yourself by getting on every social media platform, focus on the platforms that are right for your business. Research where you desired audiences hang out and go there!

These are bad social media habits, but there are also some true social media sins. Make sure that you know these sins and ALWAYS avoid them!

Seven ways to build a social media presence from zero

Starting a new social media account can feel overwhelming. How do you compete in a landscape where so many other users are already established? How do you get attention or followers of your own? Here are some tips to help you get started.

7 tips to help you build your social media

One: Look for inspiration

Before jumping into the social media space, take a look at what’s working for others! Pay special attention to those working in the same niche as you. What gets the best response from their followers? What do you like that they do? What do you want to avoid? All this research will help you clarify your own social media strategy.

Two: Identify trends

Social media has its own trends – and rides on larger cultural trends as well. Stay on top of what all these trends are and engage with some of them! That said, you don’t need to hit every single trend. Some of them may not fit with your business or brand. So be selective, picking and choosing the trends that are right for you!  

Three: Create a posting schedule

When you get busy, it’s easy to lose track of posting. Before you know it, you haven’t posted in weeks and the following you’ve been building has scattered. Avoid this by scheduling your posts in advance. That way, you’ll never have to worry about missing a post!

Four: Vary your content

Social media offers a wide variety of content options, including:

  • Pictures
  • Messages
  • Videos
  • And more!

Varying your content is one of the best ways to grow your audience. Remember to include videos as they have some of the best return on investment (or ROI).

Five: Advertise

Some people worry about advertising on social media. Does it really work? Is it worth the money?
Yes! The results you get can depend on your niche and audience, but advertising is absolutely worth a try. Start small and then, if you are getting positive results, expand from there.

Six: Don’t just make your account an ad

Nobody wants to feel like your social media account is just a long-running ad: people don’t want to engage with a brand that’s always selling, rather than connecting with its followers.
Make sure that, in addition to posts about your business, you also speak about related topics that interest you. That way, your account will feel personal and authentic.

Seven: Hire a social media agency

Social media can be time-consuming and, if you aren’t getting the results you want, frustrating. Social media agencies can take the work of social media off your plate, implement a solid strategy, track results and improve the overall performance of your social media accounts.