Get better website SEO with ‘cornerstone content’

Now, more than ever, it’s important to have great website content. That’s because Google recently rolled out a new algorithm that helps sites with great content and quality links, and demotes those who use sneaky tricks to get ahead.

It means good news for businesses that go about ranking on Google the ‘white hat’ way!

Well-behaved websites get rewarded

One of the greatest articles I have ever read about how to get better website SEO, or getting your website to rank high on Google, is this one:

How to Create Cornerstone Content that Google Loves by Copyblogger

We recommend you read their article. It was written in 2007, but rings more true now than ever!

In short though:

  • Your site should be set up to communicate what you do, to someone who knows absolutely nothing about your business.
  • Create pages that explain the aspects of your business. Build those pages around keywords.
  • Useful, high-quality content with lots of media (text, pictures, videos, infographics and links) is what you’re aiming for with each page and blog post.

Better website SEO with links

Legendary Social Media tip: Use internal links! Every time you blog, link to this ‘cornerstone content’ you created. It’ll help build rank authority within your website!