Client Feature: Halcyon Cosmetic


A big part of what makes our work at Legendary Social Media exciting is the chance to work with a diverse range of clients every day. And today, we’re back to feature another incredible client – Halcyon Cosmetic

Halcyon Cosmetics - Legendary Social Media

We started working with Halcyon Cosmetic in May, and since our first call with their team, we have been inspired by how knowledgeable and talented they are. Located in Port Moody, BC, they opened their doors in 2014 and specialize in helping people look and feel their best. 

Since opening, owners Kelly Hallam and Stephanie Wilson joined together and built up a team of professionals that radiates passion for their field. They are true experts in permanent makeup, aesthetic treatments, and inner wellness. They offer an extensive range of treatments, of the highest quality:

  • Permanent Makeup
  • Paramedical Procedures
  • Aesthetic Treatments 
  • Lash Extensions & Beauty Treatments

Our team at Legendary Social Media has been working with Halcyon Cosmetic on: 

Social Media Management & Content Creation

Our Legendary Social Media Team manages both Facebook and Instagram pages for Halcyon Cosmetic. This includes everything from strategizing, writing captions, taking photos, planning out their feed, and making sure everything is scheduled to post on time! 


Halcyon Cosmetic Instagram - Legendary Social Media Vancouver   Halcyon Cosmetic Instagram - Legendary Social Media Vancouver

Google My Business Posts

Google My Business, or GMB, is a tool that enables businesses to appear in local search results when users are using Google nearby. It gives users information to contact the business and is a great way to reach nearby people. Plus, posting on your Google My Business page can boost your business’s SEO. We help keep Halcyon Cosmetic’s Google My Business listing updated with their promotions, product offerings and new treatments. 

Not sure how often to post to GMB? Read our tips here

Social Media Photography

In addition, our in-house photographer, Kat, did an amazing photoshoot for them recently. Our primary focus is on featuring “before and after” photos. This demonstrates the incredible difference their treatments make. We also spotlight their talented team who are some of the most experienced and highly trained permanent makeup artists in North America. 


Thank you, Halcyon Cosmetic, for trusting us with your social media management.

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