Social Media Client Feature: Umai Hot Dogs Canada


When it comes to social media, bring us a way to make jokes about meat and buns coming together and we’ll create some true awesomeness! And that’s why we’re so stoked to be working with California hot dog chain Umai Hot Dogs. With Umai Hot Dogs opening their first Canadian restaurant here in Vancouver, we think it’s time they join the ranks of Little Kitchen Academy, GOeVisit, and Waves Coffee, getting their own social media client feature. 

Our social media client, Umai Hot Dogs Canada 

Umai Hot Dogs was born in 1992, when Loi Tran and his wife were given an old, broken down hot dog cart. Loi used a wheel from his daughter’s tricycle to fix up the cart and opened it up in San Jose, California. But Loi and his wife didn’t want to just have a plain old hot dog cart. Instead, they came up with their own recipes and created their own sauces, which they made fresh every morning. They also sourced local ingredients, getting the best hot dogs, sausages, buns, and more. 

All their hot dogs are made with premium cuts of meat and having all natural casings. They’re also gluten-free, naturally smoked, and contain zero MSG, by-products, or fillers. Vegetarian options are available too.

Today, Umai offers over 27 signature hot dog flavours. Don’t want one of these? You can also make your own custom dog with whatever toppings and sauces your little heart desires! Then build your meal with a variety of specialty items, including a fried banana dog, Poku Wings, Tori Wings, specialty noodles, umami glazed hamburgers, and Umai’s famous waffle dog. Can’t wait to put a truffle dog in your mouth? Neither can we! 

Our social media work for Umai Hot Dogs Canada 

We love a good dancing hot dog GIF – and making pre-teen-esque jokes about weiners. But our work on Umai Hot Dogs Canada’s social media goes well beyond that! 

We created a fun Grand Opening ad campaign. It was focused on making sure as many people as possible heard about this amazing restaurant. And we even managed to sneak in a few adorable hot dog GIFs! We also helped coordinate Umai’s grand opening promotions. 

Some fun stuff we’ve made for Umai Hot Dogs so far:

legendary social media vancouver - umai hot dogs canada

Let the spinning wheel of hot dogs hypnotize you… GIF created by Legendary Social Media for Umai Hot Dogs Canada

In addition to our work on Umai Hot Dogs’ grand opening, we have done a variety of work on their social media accounts. This work includes: 

  • Setting them up for SEO
  • Planning their photos
  • Creating stop motion videos
  • Managing their social media 
  • Guiding their media tasting event with local foodie influencers

The best part of all this work? It’s on our plate. That means Loi can concentrate on what he’s serving up on his plates at his first Canadian Umai Hot Dogs location. 

We wish you all the best, Umai! And we’re thrilled to be part of this next phase in Umai’s path to total hot dog domination! 


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