Content marketing: 6 little ideas that will make a big difference

  1. Narrow down your target customer. If you don’t know who your customer is, how can you talk with him/her? Spend some serious time really nailing down a more specific target customer. Go beyond “men in their 30s” and take it to “men in their 30s who work out 5 days a week, will pay $35 for a steak and are interested in cars, fashion and energy drinks.”
  2. Go cross-platform. Make your message consistent between your actual website, your blog and your social media platforms. One way to achieve this is to have the same content writer manage all three areas.
  3. Tighten up your keyword list. Having 6 target keywords is great, but focusing in on 2 or 3 of them, especially when you’re just starting out, will pay off in your Google rankings and the message you’re delivering to your audience.
  4. Focus your social media strategy. Not all social media platforms are great for every business. Some businesses will succeed on LinkedIn, while others will find success on Snapchat. Facebook and Twitter are great for most businesses, but other networks might end up being your goldmine. Make sure you focus your efforts on the ones that will benefit your business most.
  5. Go hard at the start. Hit the ground running. When you’re launching your business, really go hard with your content marketing strategy. Make a scene and catch customers’ eyes off the bat. You’ll start building lasting relationships right away, and that’s what pays off in the long run.
  6. Adjust on the fly. A content marketing strategy shouldn’t be set in stone. Your business will change and bend often in the start and so should your strategy.

Need a content marketing strategy for your Vancouver business that includes content writing and social media? Great, because that’s what we do. Let us know your business goals and we’ll start working on a plan together.