Content writing to engage customers

As expert content marketers, we’re always looking into research and tips on how small businesses can better connect with their customers and clients. We love working with small businesses, and it’s really important to us that we can serve them in the best way possible. So I was pretty fascinated to read this blog post by Unbounce the other day that confirms what so many in the digital marketing industry already know, but too often ignore: Content writing has more positive impact on conversion rates than style. Period.

To quote the blog post by CRO guru Brad Tiller:

When someone comes to your site, they’re looking for real answers to a problem that they can’t solve on their own. Your content — be it copy, video, or informational graphics — is what’s going to provide those answers. So test it and perfect it.”

I think we’re beginning to reach a point where people out there are sick of bogus messages being thrown at them, disguised as real answers to their needs with over-the-top styling and catchy slogans that have no real meat.

Genuine, original and targeted content writing is the key to connecting with your customers. Engagement is king and content marketing is the crown.

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