Five tips to create awesome videos for social 


Stats show there are 100 million hours of video watched per day. This means that consumers are eating up video content on the daily and the possibility of reach is huge! 

81% of business owners are using video as a marketing tool – that’s up from 63% from last year. It’s clear that video is becoming the winning way to consume media online. 

Creating, editing and finding time to record can be fun and easy with a few simple steps. 

Executing these five tips may make creating video more fun and possible for your business! 

One. Drive with emotion 

By figuring out who your consumer is and how their brains work, you can create content that will tap into the emotions of your customers and inspire them to share information, be helpful or express themselves. Interestingly, the reason why people consume information is widely based on their psychology and the numerous factors that play into this. 

Two. Create videos that are fun to watch!

Ensuring that your videos are clean, well presented, aesthetically pleasing and easy to understand will keep you ahead of the competition and ensure that your viewers are engaged! Don’t be afraid to take risks; purchase some props, clothing or backdrops that are in line with your brand and get creative! 

Three. Make your brand relatable

Showcase your brand culture, a BTS look at your process, your employees, your day to day tasks, anything that shows viewers that you are just like them. However mundane it seems, people like to connect to you on a real level! The day to day tasks will show people that you are tackling the same obstacles as them and have them feeling like they are part of your journey. 

Four. Call to action 

A call to action is a reminder for viewers to keep themselves informed and in the loop! At the end of every video, remind people to tweet, comment, share or follow. This small reminder will keep people involved in your community and sharing your content! 

Five. Tell a story 

Planning ahead will help remind you of your message. It can be information or inspiration but your video should tell a story either about your brand, yourself or your product and be less focused on the marketing details. 


With more people consuming video online than ever before, creating and executing creative videos for your business doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Make it fun, tell a story and always remember the end-user! 

Fans want to be entertained, informed and inspired. Want to know if your content is making an impact? Check out how to measure your social ROI.

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