Here’s how to create the perfect social media marketing plan


In Vancouver social media marketing, it’s important to create a plan. Otherwise you’re just blindly throwing money and time around, hoping something sticks.

We wouldn’t do that, and neither should you.

So here’s how to set a social media marketing plan that actually works.

How to create your social media marketing plan

1. Set your goals

In order to establish your social media marketing plan, you have to set your goals. What are you trying to get out of your social media marketing? If you are a newer business, you may want to focus on brand awareness. If you’re more established, you’re better off working on building a community or driving traffic to your business. Don’t forget to reassess your goals at least every six months!  

2. Target certain platforms

Not all social media platforms are created equal for all businesses. Rather than trying to hit every platform, you want to focus your social media marketing on the ones that help you most. Not sure which platforms are right for you? Read up on the differences here!

3. Figure out your budget

Of course, your budget needs to be sustainable. You can’t break the bank on social media marketing. At the same time, you need a big enough marketing budget to be able to achieve your goals. What’s the right balance? That depends on your goals and overall business budget. If you want to get a sense of the price of social media marketing for your business, get in touch with us and we’ll provide you with a free quote.

4. Activate your audience

Social media marketing isn’t just about followers or attention. It’s also about engagement. How do you get that engagement? Plan to add a call to action to your posts every now and then! These calls to action can include encouraging followers to comment, make a purchase, participate in a poll – or any other form of engagement you’re looking for.

What to do once you have your social media marketing plan in place

Once you have a social media marketing plan put together, it’s all about executing it. How do you do that? You stay ensure you have consistent content that furthers your goals – and you work with great people, like us!


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