We famous! Check out our team in this CTV Vancouver news series


Most of the time, the women at Legendary Social Media stay behind the lens. But CTV News Vancouver wanted to pick our brains about the state of social media today. Here’s how that went. 

From social media to primetime 

Recently, CTV News Vancouver contacted us to do a series of 3 stories about social media. We thought we were just going to be a small part of the coverage; but, when the videos came out, we were featured prominently in all 3.

They told us the interviews would take 30 minutes, but they filmed for 2.5 hours.

If you haven’t caught the videos yet, here they are… 

  1. We’re holding each other ‘hostage’ with bad smartphone manners: experts

Synopsis: With smartphones now the norm, this story focuses on how we establish proper etiquette for their use. It goes over everything from texting and walking to looking through others’ phones. Our top social media etiquette tip? Be respectful of your surroundings, including the other people around you! 

  1. Smartphone addiction? Signs you need a social media detox

Synopsis: We’ve all heard about people going on social media cleanses, but what are they? And how do you know if you need one? In this story, we talk about when it’s time to unplug. Don’t worry about judgement though, cause there’s none here! We talk about our own need for social media cleanses – and how hard they are for us to maintain. 

  1. ‘What goes on the web, stays on the web’: A warning from one parent to others

Synopsis: “Sharents” – AKA parents who share everything about their kids on social media – are the focus of this story. Legendary Social Media’s fearless leader, Erin, may be a social media expert, but she posts “almost nothing” about her two kids. Why? Because she knows that whatever is put out there could stay there for the rest of her kids’ lives, and she doesn’t want to post anything that would embarrass them or make it hard for them to get, say, a job once they’re older. Basically, if you wouldn’t want the photo you’re about to post out there from when you were young, don’t post it. Or just don’t post at all about your kids until they’re old enough to make their own decisions. 


Thank you to CTV journalist St. John Alexander for interviewing us for these stories. We’re always happy to share our experience to help others navigate social media! 

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