A word on customer service and the customer experience

Recently I signed up to three different apps that essentially provide the same service: building Facebook applications, such as email opt-ins, games, contests, polls, etc. All three sent me confirmation emails that thanked me for signing up for their service. Only two said that I should feel free to contact them if I have questions along the way, but only one stood out. It got me thinking about the importance of the customer experience.
Why? The email gave me the sense it was written by a real person. It wasn’t – it was just an automated welcome message – but the company, Short Stack, did a great job of making me feel like they were regular folks running a business, just like I was.
So much so, that I even emailed back because I did have a question.
Right there, Short Stack won my heart.
However, they did not win my brain. In the end, the app is clunky and requires knowledge of CSS, and, being that I’m not a developer – although I am a great website designer – I won’t work with Short Stack in the long term.
Still, though, their efforts toward making me feel welcome as a customer went a long way and I applaud that for them. I wish more companies would take that tack.


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