Killer design inspo for your Instagram feed

We all know content is king and when it comes to Instagram: the more curated your content, the more you will have people stopping and coming back for more. Killer visuals + catchy captions = an IG account that reigns king. 

Because Instagram is made up of scrolling feeds of images, people absorb your images before reading your content. This makes it the perfect opportunity for curating a feed that showcases who you are! 

Having a visually appealing feed to showcase your work in a way that is visually striking, but catchy captions are also important. Knowing how to write great captions will bring your feed full circle and set you up for an Instagram account that is both beautiful and interesting – the best of both worlds. 

Check out some accounts that are killing the Instagram game 


Killer design inspo for your Instagram feed

We love the feed @juniperoats has created. She is a graphic artist and designer with a minimalist edge. Separately, her images are unique photo collages, small pieces of art. They are tied together with a soft pink backdrop and monotone black and white pops within her images. Together, the feed looks like a scrolling mural. 

Her feed also acts as a storefront to sell her cute home pieces via Instagram. Super creative and well put together, her feed makes us want to revisit her to see what designs she’ll come out with next.

Killer design inspo for your Instagram feed

On the other hand, not all brands are trying to sell their pieces, but are instead creating a lifestyle around them to inspire their customers. Beyond Clothing has scattered their feed with travel photography from remote, cold locations, selling their layering technology gear. The feed at a glance reads as a travel blog, but we love the raw, adventurous feeling it gives that isn’t just photos of their clothing. The remote locations and photos of people adventuring in the wilderness are tempting us to buy a jacket and a book a flight. 


Killer design inspo for your Instagram feed

Everyone knows Tiffany’s and naturally we would expect them to be killing their Instagram feed. With poppy, colourful visuals, their feed transitions by the season, where each photo is perfectly curated to match what’s new in the season. 

The platform is also being used to showcase and sell products and as an online catalogue of their merchandise. The jewels are sharp and basking in light, making them extra sparkly. The whole feed is tied together with pops of that classic, unmistakable Tiffany blue. 


Ok, hats off to influencer @RiskiNovianti and her feed that is KILLING us with her colour-blocked series. She has a brilliant way of inspiring us to add more colour to our lives and making her colourful story series flow beautifully into itself. One month it’s bright pink, one month its pastel pink, another monochromatic black and white. Her locations are purposefully and carefully chosen to match the colour of the minute, using bold and bright filters that bring her photos and her feed to LIFE and inspiring us to pay attention to the details just a little bit more. 

Your industry doesn’t have to be artistic for you to have a beautiful feed. There are a ton of businesses we love that inspire us every day. Whatever your style, Instagram is also a platform to showcase, sell and show off your brand, your work or your product. More than ever, your Instagram feed is becoming a second website that can be visually curated to show off your unique style and make a bold statement. 

Choosing a style and running with it is key and knowing who you are as a brand is crucial to this! Need a hand? Check out our steps to writing a social media style guide to get you started!