BFCM lessons from 2022 you need to read in 2023


It’s already October, and if your business takes part in Black Friday and/or Cyber Monday, this is an essential read. The National Retail Federation recently shed light on the hits and misses of BFCM from the past year, serving up a smorgasbord of insights for your 2023 strategy.


Top 10 approaches for a BFCM win


1. Early bird gets the deal: 

The earlier you entice customers, the better. Engage them with sneak peeks, exclusive offers or early bird discounts. Start planting the seeds of excitement way before November ends.

2. Personal touch matters:

No one likes generic stuff. Use platforms like Klaviyo to craft offers that speak directly to your customers based on what they love.

3. Keep it mobile-friendly:

With so many folks shopping on their phones, make sure your deals look fabulous on those smaller screens.

4. Loyalty pays off: 

Reward your loyal customers. Offering them exclusive deals or early access can not only boost your sales but also fortify your relationship with them.

5. Engage, don’t spam: 

Bombarding your audience with emails can backfire. Instead, use engaging content and value-packed deals to draw them in. Tools like Klaviyo can help strike the right balance.

6. Urgency is key: 

Creating a sense of urgency with limited-time offers or low-stock alerts can be a strong motivator. But remember, it needs to be genuine to maintain trust.

7. Crisp and clear CTAs: 

Help your customers hit that ‘buy’ button faster with super clear call-to-action prompts.

8. Social media magic: 

Use platforms like TikTok to generate buzz. A well-strategized TikTok campaign can amplify your reach and drive traffic.

9. Clean up your email list:

 A healthy email list ensures better deliverability and engagement. Understand why deliverability scores and email list health are paramount.

10. Offer more than just deals:

Think freebies, extra services or longer trial periods. It’s like the cherry on top of your BFCM sundae!


10 stellar BFCM examples to inspire you

1. Tailored teasers:

Brands dropping personalised hints and sneak peeks got customers super excited.

2. Interactive countdowns:

Countdowns in emails or websites? Genius! They made shopping even more exhilarating.

3. Rewarding the regulars:

Brands that prioritised their loyal customers with exclusive previews or deals witnessed a higher engagement rate.

4. Engaging stories:

Those who utilised the storytelling potential of platforms like Instagram and TikTok successfully created a buzz around their offers.

5. Genuine scarcity alerts:

Real-time stock alerts made sure customers grabbed their faves before they ran out.

6. Value-driven content:

Emails that weren’t just about sales but also provided valuable content, be it style guides or DIYs, resonated better.

7. Collaborations worked:

Brands that collaborated with influencers or other brands managed to tap into new audiences.

8. Segmented offers:

Segmentation magic with Klaviyo turned browsers into buyers.

9. Post-purchase engagement:

Brands that continued the conversation with customers post-purchase, be it through thank you emails or feedback requests, saw better brand loyalty.

10. Going beyond the norm:

Brands that offered more than just discounts, such as extended return policies or free gift wrapping, stood out.


To wrap it up, shopping online during BFCM is a big trend. So, be where your customers are: online, excited, and ready to shop. Need help on how to jazz up your BFCM, social media, or email vibes for the festive season, no worries— The Legends are here to assist

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