Should I be using Facebook Live video for my marketing?



Cisco predicted that by 2020, 79% of online traffic will be video. We’ve been noticing some cool Vancouver businesses starting to use Facebook Live in their social media marketing strategy.

What tends to happen with social media is that, once a few people try out the latest trend (in this case, Facebook Live) and it catches on, the platform gets swamped with people doing the same thing.

So if you’re curious to try it out, now is the time while there’s still space to have your voice heard.

Why should I use Facebook Live video for social media marketing in Vancouver?

Facebook Live streaming from a customer’s perspective:

  • Shrink the distance between customers and your business – Live streams bring humanity to your company, making it more personable and friendly.
  • Put a face to your company – You become the person customers are giving their money to instead of just the brand or company monkeys.
  • Building trust – Facebook Livestreams allow customers to get an inside view on you company making it more trustworthy and relatable.


  • Creates an instant feedback loop – you can directly address customer questions in real time
  • It’s personal – when you answer a question the customer knows the answer is coming from you, not from a guidebook or auto-responder
  • It creates conversation – even if there’s only 1 or 2 people watching your Facebook Live stream it allows you to chat openly with customers

How to use Facebook Live to amplify your social media content

Facebook Live streams and YouTube

Especially at first, you can’t always expect people to tune in to your live video, but that doesn’t mean it is a waste of time. Get a second camera going or record the footage from your live feed and post it on YouTube. Then you can share it across your social media platforms and even if people missed it when it was live, they can still have an opportunity to watch it.

Plus, YouTube is like an SEO goldmine. More on that later.

Facebook Live streams and Instagram

Take short snippets out of your live stream and post them on Instagram – or add an Instagram livestream into the mix. Whether you show your customers how to cook the dish in their favourite Instagram picture, or you show them how you take and edit your Instagram pictures, incorporating your livestream into your other outlets will only amplify the attention received across platforms.

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