A FREE SEO blogging template for you to steal


Guys, finding free templates for the stuff you really need to use for your online marketing is HARD. I mean, everyone wants your email address in exchange for a template.

That sucks. We want you to nail it when it comes to content marketing and SEO blogging. So guess what? We’re giving you our awesome, virtually fail-proof SEO blogging template here.

We don’t want your email address. We just want you to crush it.

Why content marketing?

Everybody wants to make it onto Page 1 of Google – but earning a coveted spot is cutthroat competitive. One of the most surefire ways to make it to the top is with SEO blogging – that’s how we did it!

Seriously! Search “social media Vancouver” right now!

How many posts you need to write each week depends on your industry. For some, once a week will be enough, whereas for others five or six might be necessary. Hubspot wrote the most awesome guide to tell you how often you should blog.

It’s easy to get off topic when blogging. Follow these few steps BEFORE you start writing to make sure your blog stays short, sweet, on topic and most importantly SEO friendly.


Before starting your blog use these steps to create a blog roadmap


Step 1: Choose your target keywords for the blog

What is the main topic you’re covering in this blog? If you’re a personal trainer, you might want to write a blog about fat loss.

To choose the right target keyword, think about what people would type into Google to find you blog. In our personal trainer’s case, my target audience might search for “lose fat.” So I’m going to set “lose fat” as my target keyword.

I might also choose a secondary keyword for the blog. This could be “personal trainer Vancouver” or “nutrition coach Vancouver”.


Step 2. Write your headline – make sure it includes your primary target keyword!

Hubspot (again) has the ultimate guide to doing this well. Then, use this stats-based guide to write more interesting headlines.


Step 3. Choose at least one image for the blog.

Upload it to your website, then fill in the Alt Text for it. Include your primary target keyword, as well two or three additional keywords that apply to the image, your blog, or your website (eg. “best ways to lose fat, personal trainer vancouver”).


Step 4. Write your H2s.

We recommend writing two or three H2s per blog. Each H2 should include your keyword! To read more about H1s and H2s, check out our article on header best practices.



Use this free SEO blogging template for your website


With the steps above, you now have a roadmap for your blog! Just fill in the blanks!


Here’s your template to copy and paste into a Word document (or Google Docs). Just change up the text as you write your own blog!



Intro paragraph goes here… two or three sentences. Put in your website’s main keyword. “Vancouver personal trainer” or “how to build muscle fast”


H2 #1

Explain the H2 – We like to use this space to add lists, write a few sentences and even insert a second picture.


H2 #2

This is where you provide the real value and educate your target reader! It doesn’t have to be long, another three or four paragraphs will do. Just make sure you get your blog’s target keyword in here once or twice.


H2 #3

Give the reader an action item, by finishing the blog with a Call To Action! Call us, book your appointment, come in for a consultation, fill out our questionnaire – all of these are great examples – and again repeat your blog’s main keyword!


Hope you dig this blog! If you do, please share it with anyone else who would love having a totally free SEO blogging template for their own content marketing needs.

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