How to get on Page 1 of Google using social media


The coveted Page 1 position on Google is a hard spot to snag for your website. Earning kick-ass Google rankings is a competitive, high impact sport where few succeed and many end up with cringeworthy shiners.

Incredibly, people pay $10,000 a year or more in an effort to scratch their way toward a Page 1 spot for their business. But it doesn’t have to be that expensive.


How to get on Page 1 of Google with social media

Yes, you can, and it’s not difficult. But as with all too-good-to-be-true promises there’s a catch.

Know first that the Page 1 spot is NOT too good to be true. It’s real, it’s attainable, and we can and have made it happen.

So enough pussyfooting. Here’s how to get on Page 1 of Google, using social media.

Step 1. Identify your keywords

No matter your business, there’s a set of keywords that are important to you. These are the words people would type into Google to find your website. Let’s say you own a clinical spa in Vancouver. Your keywords might include “massage therapy Vancouver,” “spa Vancouver” and “spa treatments Vancouver.”

These keywords are what you’re going to want to identify and record.

Step 2. Create content

By content, we mean videos or blog articles that explain your business, as it relates to each keyword. This content needs to be uploaded to your website’s blog.

Step 3. Get your Google+ Business Page verified

First, you’ll have to create a Page on Google+ for your business. Here’s how to do it. Be sure to complete your profile completely, including adding your company logo or photo and adding a description of your business.

The next step here takes a while – as in, a couple of weeks. Within the Pages section of Google+, add your business to Google Maps. The next step will be to get your business verified. To do that, Google sends a physical piece of paper in the mail to your business location with a code printed on it. Often, that paper takes one to two weeks to arrive. When it does, navigate back to your Google+ Page for your business and enter the verification code. This will officially activate your Google+ Page.

Step 4. Post your keyworded content to your Google+ Page

This is seriously the last step, proving that this process is incredibly painless. And free.

Here’s exactly how to get your content to rank, though. Copy the link to the content you want to share from your website into your Google+ Page updates, kind of like updating your Facebook status. Write a description of what you’re posting. The description MUST INCLUDE the keyword you’re targeting.

Now go to Google and type in the keyword you used. Is your content there? It should be!

The caveat(s)

Like ice cream and fiery relationships, it doesn’t last. Google+ Pages content doesn’t necessarily stay on Page 1 forever, unfortunately. That said, Legendary Social Media has a post that’s been on Page 1 for over 60 days thanks to Google+. It’s just what we do as part of our awesome social media management service 🙂

Also, be aware that what’s on Page 1 is NOT your website – it’s the post you published to Google+ Pages. However people who click on the link and see your post on Google+ can then follow through to your website.

Finally, this doesn’t work for ALL keywords. Some words are very competitive and can mean your content won’t show up.

Post often for best results. Or let a pro handle it! Email us today!

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