How many hashtags to add on Instagram in 2022


Instagram hashtags are still highly effective for increasing reach and engagement on your Instagram posts in 2022. But, finding the right number and type of hashtags to use is key. Hashtags help users find posts relevant to their interests. It also helps Instagram categorize your content and suggest it to users who are likely interested in the Explore page.

How many hashtags should you use?

Contrary to a recent Instagram post from their @creators account that recommended users to use between 3-5 hashtags, Later analyzed over 18 million feed posts and found that using more hashtags actually showed better results. The data revealed that the reach rate per feed post was highest when 20 hashtags were used, while the engagement rate per feed post performed best when 30 hashtags were used. 

How to find the right hashtags for your brand 

While the data findings from Later showed that using more hashtags is better, finding the right ones to use is part of the strategy! Every hashtag used should be relevant to your audience, business and the content being posted. If you’re feeling lost on what sort of hashtags to incorporate, consider hashtags from the following categories:

  • Product or service hashtags. These are hashtags that businesses will use that are related to their services or products. (i.e. #marketingagency or #finejewelry)
  • Industry hashtags. Industry hashtags are specific to the niche you are in. (i.e. #foodmarketing) 
  • Branded hashtags. Branded hashtags help bring your brand’s community together. It can be your business name, a top-selling product or a company slogan. 
  • Campaign hashtags. If you’re running a campaign, you can use a specific hashtag to keep track of campaign activities. 
  • Descriptive hashtags. These hashtags help describe the content of your post. (i.e. #WhatIWoreToday or #KaleSmoothie) 
  • Holiday hashtags. Holiday hashtags can help audiences find your brand or business during peak shopping seasons, but the key is to post them on time. (i.e. #ThanksgivingSale, #BlackFridaySale, #BoxingWeek) 
  • Location hashtags. Location hashtags help target users in your area. (i.e. #VancouverPhotographer or #VancouverAgency) 


You can also head over to the Instagram Explore page for inspiration on the types of hashtags to use. For checking hashtag volume, use Instagram’s Tag Search tool. 

Instagram Hashtags Do’s and Don’ts

Lastly, here are some Hashtag Do’s and Dont’s that Instagram posted through their @Creator account:

  • DO use hashtags that are relevant to the theme of your content.
  • DO check which hashtags your followers already use and follow.
  • DO mix well-known and niche hashtags to broaden your discoverability.
  • DO use specific hashtags so that your followers can easily find your content. 
  • DON’T use hashtags that have nothing to do with your content (i.e. #instadaily) 
  • DON’T use generic hashtags – these will make it harder for people to discover your content due to the volume of other people using the hashtag.


The bottom line? 20 hashtags will get you the most reach while 30 hashtags will get you the best engagement. However, only hashtags that are relevant to your brand, content, and target audience will give you the best results.


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