How does the LinkedIn algorithm work?


Many people forget LinkedIn when they consider their social media marketing plan. But LinkedIn is the BEST place for B2B social media marketing. To know how to make the most use of your LinkedIn, though, you need to understand the site’s algorithm… and we’re here to help with that! 

The social media lowdown: how the LinkedIn algorithm works 

In the past, LinkedIn’s algorithm would rarely show your content unless you were already a superstar celeb or business person. That’s because LinkedIn defaulted to only showing top posts, which meant you’d see posts from people like Richard Branson, but not from people you actually knew. Until recently, it wasn’t very social! 

While LinkedIn got the message this year. Now the algorithm sorts content based off two factors: 

1. Personal connection

Just because you follow someone on LinkedIn doesn’t mean you actually know them. In the past, LinkedIn promoted users whose posts were getting the most attention. Today, it tries to prioritize users you actually know personally. This gives individuals and small businesses a better chance of being noticed. 

2. Shared interests 

LinkedIn now wants to make sure you’re seeing content that is relevant to your interests. Because of that, the algorithm factors in what your contacts are liking, as well as what they post. It even considers what companies, products, and key words are mentioned in the posts themselves.  

Killing it on social media: make LinkedIn’s algorithm work for you

A lot of people don’t understand how to make LinkedIn work for them, so they underutilize the platform. So how do you make this social media platform and its new algorithm serve you? 

1. Build your network

You want to increase your network, but through natural fits. Start by making sure you have everyone you know who is on LinkedIn. Then make posts, create groups, and join conversations. If you connect with someone, add them. Oh, and make sure your profile is public so people can easily find and add you! 

2. Know when to post

Like any social media platform, LinkedIn has good times and bad times to post. The best times to post are: 

  • 7:45 AM
  • 10:45 AM
  • 12:45 PM
  • 5:45 PM 

B2B brands should be posting on Wednesday and Tuesday, while B2C brands should post Monday and Wednesday. 

3. Promote what you post 

There are a few ways to do this. You can tag relevant companies and use hashtags. You also want to select a few keywords for each post. Still not getting the response you want? Cross-promote your posts on your other social media sites! 

4. Stay relevant

You want to post about things your audience cares about, when they care about them. Watch for what topics are getting attention from your followers and engage in similar conversations. Try to also include images or videos in your posts as these have a high appeal on LinkedIn. 

5. Keep it niche

You want to be relevant but not broad. Broad conversations tend to not actually say much. They also leave you competing with larger brands. Instead, go niche. Speak to what your audience can only get from you and convey that with specific hashtags instead of broad ones. 

6. Be personal

Being genuine is important on LinkedIn. Be personal and capture your unique expertise, background, or experiences in your posts. If you’re posting as a brand, go for an open, accessible tone that will still feel personal. 

7. Foster engagement 

Posts with engagement are promoted more by the LinkedIn algorithm. So get people talking! The best way to do that? Have genuine, in-depth conversations. That’s what the folks on LinkedIn are usually looking for. 

8. Use your analytics 

Once something is working, you want to keep it going. But in order to do that, you have to know why it worked. You can only do that by looking at your analytics. Make sure you stay on top of what’s happening with them so you can make adjustments as needed to your social media. 


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