How people will shop from social media in 2022


Consumer behaviour is moving in the direction of not leaving social media apps in order to checkout when you find products you love, and we see this trend growing in 2022. As a result, we’ll also see a greater need for more customer service through DMs to support customers in their buying journey. 


Here’s how shopping on social looks in 2022:

Almost every consumer will shop from social this year

According to Sprout Social: Social Shopping in 2022, 68% of consumers made a direct purchase from a social media site in 2021 and we are seeing a possible trend towards growth of that percentage in 2022. We have found that shoppers are checking out directly from Facebook shops, Instagram shops and TikTok shops. The numbers have significantly increased this year: 98% of consumers are shopping through one of these social media apps in 2022. ( Sprout Social)


Which social media platforms consumers are shopping on


There have been many predictions of what type of shopping trends we will see in 2022, specifically looking at demographics: ( Sprout Social: Social Shopping in 2022)

  • Gen Z shoppers (age 18-24) will gravitate toward making online purchases through Snapchat, Instagram and TikTok
  • Baby Boomers will continue to use Facebook to make online purchases 
  • Women will submit their orders through Pinterest and TikTok 
  • Men usually find what they are looking for on Twitter and Twitch 


Social media browsing allows consumers to spend more time shopping online rather than going to a mall because these social media platforms make it easier to connect with friends, influencers, peers and their favourite brands – all at the same time.


How shoppers on social media will find their best purchase 

Social shoppers tend to trust social media in the same way they would trust a friend’s opinion on a clothing piece. Consumers tend to go on Reddit to look for more information or suggestions, or will look at a company’s Instagram page to see other opinions on each product or brand. 


According to Sprout Social: Social Shopping in 2022, these are the statistics for finding the perfect product on social media: 

  • 49% are seeing a targeted advertisement
  • 40% interact with an organic post by a brand 
  • 34% are researching on social media
  • 34% are seeing a friends post 
  • 22% are hearing about it directly through DMs or tags. 


Brands tend to play a big role in consumer social purchases, as organic posts and expertly targeted ads grab the consumer’s attention in a targeted way. It seems that consumers want to see photos taken by a phone, with real people wearing the clothes they want to buy, and the real experiences and interactions consumers have with the brands they like. 


What influences consumer buyer behaviour


These are the top four most effective ways to encourage consumers to make a purchase through social media:

  1. A recommendation from a friend
  2. Comments on products or reviews 
  3. Familiarity with the brand 
  4. A significant other’s recommendation


For consumers between the ages of 18-40, they tend to trust influencers just like they would their friends. Seeing influencers comment on, wear, or give their real opinions on a product makes a real difference for whether a consumer will purchase what was in their cart. On the other hand, Baby Boomers are still relying on friends and families for opinions as they haven’t depended on reviews from influencers within the past two years. 


Parasocial relationships are the key to successful purchases, as influencers tend to put their followers first, and have a big reputation to uphold. These shared interests and experiences really magnetize the audience towards the influencer, generating a significant trust factor between the consumer and the influencer.


Brands that get on board with social media are more likely to have an absolute amount of success rather than a brand that is off social media, as social provides a more efficient, trustworthy shopping experience. 


As a result, we’ll also see a greater need for more customer service through DMs to support customers in their buying journey.


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