How to grow a new Instagram account in 2022


A billion people use Instagram. And if there were any questions as to whether you should use Instagram for your brand in 2022, we’d suggest following the numbers.

But growing a new Instagram account in 2022 isn’t as easy as it was in years past. Still, amassing a strong, targeted following is at your fingertips. Here are some of the best strategies for growth: 

1. Use Reels to attract new audiences

Since video-based Instagram Reels are a newer feature that the Instagram algorithm is prioritizing, it’s one of the best ways to reach a larger audience and get your account noticed on the platform. 

The most popular Reels that get engagement are ones that focus on entertainment, humour or current trends. Create quick and compelling content for Millennials and Gen Z to get found by younger audiences.

3 easy ideas for Instagram Reels: 

  • Give a sneak peek into something you’re creating — whether it’s a project, business venture or recipe, it’ll get your audience excited for what’s to come!

  • Teach people how to do something — audiences love quick ways to learn how to do something they can enjoy.

  • Share clips from your day — you would be surprised how many people would love to watch your morning breakfast routine or a day out in your local park.

Want some more tips? Take a look at these
incredible Instagram Reel ideas to get you started. 

2. Post Instagram Stories 

Creating content that is only available for short periods of time has become incredibly popular for Millennial and Gen Z audiences!

Short but entertaining Story content can grow engagement on your Instagram. That’s why it’s a good idea to create these Stories in advance and schedule them to go up MORE than once per day. 

3 popular Instagram story features that your audience can interact with easily: 

  • Questions and answers — ask your audience a question or have them ask you some and post a video in response!

  • Polls and quizzes — you’re unlimited to the ideas you want to include! You can ask questions related to your products and services or just a popular topic.

  • Go live! — IG Lives are an incredible way to interact with your audience and get to know them.

Take a look at these
great Instagram Story suggestions to get your creativity flowing.

3. Use targeted keywords and hashtags

Hashtags are still effective! However, it’s important to use hashtags that are specific to your brand and the topic of your post. That way, you can ensure that your hashtag strategy stays relevant and attracts the right audience. 

Here’s a tip: Take advantage of trending or daily hashtags like #ThrowbackThursday and #MotivationMonday to drive more traffic to your account. 

Specific keywords are also just as important! SEO is still an essential part of growing your online brand’s engagement and using the best Instagram SEO keyword strategy can help. 

4. Create shareable content 

The more your content gets shared, the more people you will reach! 

These days, the most popular content that usually gets reposted includes:

  • Breaking news

  • Incredible graphics and photography

  • Motivational and inspirational quotes

  • Memes and humorous content

  • Heartwarming stories

  • Quick tips and tricks

  • Current trends in pop culture

Planning and scheduling content ahead of time for your
shareable content is an effective way to broaden your reach to a larger audience. 

5. Use geotags to target local audiences 

Geotags are the specific location of where you’ve stored your Instagram post. They’re a great way to attract a larger audience within your target location.

By using geotags, your posts will appear whenever a user searches the specific location you used. That allows you to connect with more people within the local area that you’re targeting. 

Instagram continues to be a popular social media platform to grow your brand. By posting creative and engaging content, you are sure to grow your account in no time! 

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