How to use Pinterest Trends to power up your marketing


Using Pinterest in your digital marketing strategy? Well, then you know that keywords = king. 

Pinterest just released Pinterest Trends: a search tool that will be insanely valuable to marketers and brands everywhere. 

This new tool allows users to search for the most popular keywords within specific industries and see how well those keywords have performed over the course of 12 months. Only available for trial in the US right now, hopefully, Canadians can get our hands on this impressive tool very soon! 

How does the new Pinterest Trends tool work?

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Looks up the most popular search terms within the last 12 months. 
  • Supercharges all brand campaigns: campaign curators will now be able to attach those keywords to pins and campaigns and drive content into the streams, making the possibility of it blowing up closer than ever
  • When uploading a pin the option to search for keywords and add them to your pins is on a search bar on the right side of the uploader screen

A brand dominating the keyword game and using it for ad leverage is Tastemade. They used Pinterest analytics and noticed that the word WATERMELON was being used loads of times over the summer, created a dedicated watermelon pinboard and BAM ended up with a viral watermelon campaign board. 

Trending graphs that Pinterest has released alongside the trend reports and keyword search that make for a visually stimulating and insightful research project: 

Using this new tool is going to drive market research on Pinterest and allow for more targeted, more curated campaigning also giving marketers and brands the opportunity to stay on top of trends in their industries. Although the tool is only available in the US (for now) you can check out Pinterest’s comments on everything trending for 2020 here

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