How to write great Instagram captions


Using social media for marketing is a skill – a science and an art – and so is writing great Instagram captions. And like any other skill, there are tips and tricks that can help you. Here are some of the tricks we use to create social media captions.

Four tips to owning your social media and rocking those Instagram captions 

1. Think about your captions

The first step to great captions is realizing they matter. When a lot of people think about social media, they shove Instagram in the “photo platform” box. But unless you’re already a big-time celeb, your captions are just as important as the photos you put up. So instead of just shoving up any old words, take some time to really think about your captions. Make sure that they reflect you and your style just as much as your photos do. 

2. Consider micro-blogging 

Haven’t heard of “micro-blogging”? Don’t worry about it! It’s still relatively new, making this a good time to just into it. If you want to give this cutting edge trend a try, think about your captions as a mini-version of a blog. Give all the personal insight, creativity, and writing quality that you would with a blog. And don’t forget to take the same time to edit your piece before you post it!  

3. Focus on the first few words 

The first few words are the most important of any written work. They are your first impression. They’re what get people to stop and read more – or move on. So make sure those first few words really count! Use terms that capture what topic your discussing and convey to your audience what’s in store for them. 

4. Remember what people see

When it comes to Instagram, you only get two lines of text before the “…more” button appears. That means you need to use it wisely. Once you’ve caught people with your opening words, you want to keep them interested. Create some suspense, conflict, intrigue, or humour so people want to see what else you have to say. Doing this will get people to press that “…more” button and may just earn you a new follower.  

5. Add a call to action

Like with blogs, your Instagram captions could always have a call to action. Not sure what this is? Basically, it’s encouraging your readers to take some kind of action. With a blog, that action may be reading other entries, making a purchase, or checking out other parts of your website. But with your Instagram, focus on engagement. Ask a question or encourage your readers to make a comment. Get them engaged enough and they’re likely to follow you, building your audience base! 


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