How we added 43% to a client’s revenue from email marketing in 1 month


Sprinting off the starting blocks

Oh boy, do we have some piping hot results to share! In our first month of taking over email marketing for a client (they’re fantastic, but we can’t spill the beans on who they are), we’ve cooked up a storm. Drum roll, please: we drove a massive 43% spike in their revenue from email marketing. It’s like we added a supercharger to their marketing engine, and the speed is nothing short of spectacular.

Campaign magic: How we cranked up the numbers

Diving into the details, we drove campaign revenue to soar by 55% over the previous month, and units ordered ramping up by 91%. This incredible leap is the fruit of our obsessive attention to detail, strategic focus and a culture of constant testing.


Other metrics

Over that same month, the Placed Order Rate on the campaigns we were involved in jumped a whopping 41%! The average Open Rate and Click Rate both took a slight hit (we hadn’t begun A/B testing subject lines yet, and aren’t involved in the content of the emails). 

Unsubscribe rate? Down by 23%. 

Spam complaint rate? Down by 65%. 

Let’s call that a win.

The real showstoppers were the two Birthday campaigns. They brought in half the total revenue, with their captivating order and click rates.

Taking care of Flows

Moving on to the flows, we contributed to a steady rise, both in revenue (+11%) and orders (+11%)..

Our champion? The Add-To-Cart flow. It was the kingpin, hauling in a major chunk of the revenue (33%) with a spectacular 96% rise from March. The driver behind these impressive results? A 46% increase in recipients and a 22% boost in order rate thanks to improved audience targeting, better flow triggers and improvements onthe subject line and content of the emails in this flow.


Sharpening our focus: Deep dive into audience segmentation

In April, we embarked on a journey to better understand this client’s audiences, and it’s been enlightening. We discovered that a third of the list that the client had been emailing regularly prior to working with Legendary we not engaging with campaigns, with another third just barely dipping their toes in engagement.

To combat this, we made simple but impactful changes to personalization:

  1. Emails that included the recipient’s name in the Subject Line had a 5% higher open rate. 
  2. And those that mentioned a discount? They enjoyed a 20% higher open rate and a 26% increase in the click rate.
  3. We also studied who was engaging best with campaigns, and narrowed the key audience down to a group of 30-day engagers, rather than those that had engaged at all in the past year.

Moving forward: Testing, testing, and more testing

This thrilling ride has just begun. While we’re ecstatic with the results from the first month, we’re not resting on our laurels. 

We’re curious about a few things:

  1. We are looking to improve open and click rate since those declined in the first month. 
  2. We’re working with the client on strategies to improve the average ticket.
  3. We’re further personalizing non-transactional emails to boost the deliverability score of the client’s account so those emails land in inboxes more often, and stay out of spam.


Interested in levelling up your email marketing? Get a quote from the Legends.


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