Five tricks to increase sales using social media in Vancouver


When it comes to social media in Vancouver, it’s great to get to get views, likes, comments, and follows. But what most businesses really want… is sales.

We get it. That’s what keeps the doors open and the lights on.

These tricks and tips can help increase your sales using social media in Vancouver!

Before we talk about the tricks themselves, there’s one important thing to remember when talking about social media in Vancouver…

The sales that social media in Vancouver helps drive may not be direct. That means it won’t usually be as simple as creating a post and then seeing a spike in sales. And the businesses that are looking for that to happen may be disappointed. So avoid that disappointment by seeing your social media as an investment to help overall sales.

Marketing and sales are not the same thing, friends!

5 tricks to increasing your overall sales using social media in Vancouver

1. Target the right social media networks

Not all customers are on all social media networks. If you want your social media in Vancouver to be effective, you want to make sure you’re on the networks where your customers and potential customers are located.

Not sure which social media networks to use? Check out this handy, dandy guide!

2. Use the same handle

You want your company to be easy to find across platforms. The best way to do that – and hold onto your social media customers across platforms – is to maintain one handle for all your accounts. This will also make your handle easier for customers to remember when they’re looking you up.

3. Speak the language

Each social media platform has its own language, as do each group of your customers. You wouldn’t sell to a teen and a mom the same way in a TV ad, so don’t try to do it on social media!

Instead, make sure you’re speaking in the appropriate language for the medium, the platform, and the audience you’re trying to attract.

4. Re-post real people

One of the biggest changes social media has brought about is that people don’t want to only see hyper-polished content. The want to see real customers using – and liking – a product. The best way to achieve that? Make sure to re-post images from your customers of them using or talking about your product!

5. Hire a Vancouver social media agency like Legendary

The best way to increase your sales is to have kickass social media campaigns – and the best way to do that is to hire a social media agency in Vancouver, like Legendary. Legendary is unique as it’s a boutique agency made up of social media, content creation, and technology professionals who genuinely love what they do.  


If you are ready to bring your social media in Vancouver to the next level, take a look at the awesome services Legendary offers!

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