Influencer vs UGC Creator vs Content Creator: What’s the difference?



Having content created for your brand is a great way to lend social proof to your brand story, gain exposure, have more variety in your content and show the many aspects of what your brand offers to consumers. 


When it comes to creating content, a brand can create their own content. But when consumers see other people creating content about a brand, this generates “social proof”: the idea that someone else is so excited about a brand, they created content about them. On social media, this works particularly well on Instagram and TikTok, as well as Pinterest and Twitter to a lesser degree.


There are three ways that a brand can commission content from other people:

  1. Use a social media influencer
  2. Enlist a UGC creator
  3. Hire a Content Creator 

Here are the differences between an Influencer, User Generated Content Creator (UGC) and Content Creator. 



The first thing to know about influencers is that they can create content – but the main benefit of using an influencer is gaining exposure to their followers, usually on Instagram or TikTok.. Their content is seen by a large audience who often trust their endorsements and will buy from a brand they promote. Influencers create content and post it to their own social media accounts, to share with their followers.

What do influencers do?

  • Create videos, reels, TikToks, blogs and photos 
  • Get sponsored by other companies that have thousands of followers  
  • Run giveaways and promote products by wearing them or showcasing them through social media
  • Maintain a certain image on social media 
  • Use their image to showcase the brand and products through paid promotion.


UGC Creator 

UGC creators are quite similar to influencers, except that a UGC creator doesn’t have a large, dedicated audience of followers on social media. Instead, a UGC creator will create content about a brand, and this content gets posted to the creator’s account, and shared to the brand’s account.. 


UGC stands for User Generated Content. It’s content created by a regular person, because they genuinely like a brand or its products.  


What are examples of UGC creators and what do they do? 

  • Customers or employees who enjoy the company or brand will usually post to their own social media promoting the brand or what they like about the product 
  • UGC creators usually create reels, TikToks, photos, reviews or talk about what they like about the product or company on a podcast
  • UGC creators usually add authenticity to brands and companies as they recognize the positivity their company, product or brand brings to people around the world
  • The content created automatically caters to the target audience of the company as viewers will most likely relate to the content created 

Truthfulness is very important to UGC creators when creating content, as it showcases realness and overall positivity.


Content Creator 

Content Creators are usually hired by companies to take photos, create videos, write blogs, and film TikToks. 


Content Creators are often given a specific guide from the brand detailing what the company wants them to create, but they can also create authentic content that caters to customers, and considers the audience and demographics of the company. 


What can Content Creators provide for your business? 


  • Content creators can craft newsletters, emails, and answer DM’s and comments through Instagram and Facebook
  • They usually work well with the company as they are hired specifically for the work they do and how it connects with the brand
  • Content creators will write content and have it reviewed and approved by a company representative
  • Publishing content on the correct days using images, reels or links and incorporating a call to action to bring customers to the business directly 

Content creators might work independently, or with a photographer. They even might have a team so they can create content for multiple companies that might be local or international. 


It can be quite confusing when specifying the difference between an Influencer, UGC Creator and Content Creator. This Twitter link helps explain the difference between Influencers and UGC Creators.


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