Instagram API changes 2019


A little while ago, we talked about how everyone was having a WTF social media moment with Instagram. At the time, we didn’t know if we were looking at a bug that would soon be squashed, or if Instagram was changing its algorithm. We still don’t have any official reports, but we’ve heard on Reddit that Instagram is tightening up its API. 

The scoop on what’s going on with the Gram 

The Instagram weirdness affected our account, those of our clients, and thousands of others. And the news we’ve got now only makes the situation suckier: Instagram seems to be moving to a pay-to-play system, especially for Business accounts. 

What does that mean? 

Basically, the only way to get your content in front of followers’ eyeballs is by boosting posts. While we don’t like this change, it doesn’t come as a real surprise. After all, Facebook does the same thing, and Facebook owns Instagram.

But the problem doesn’t end with pay-to-play… Instagram has blocked software, apps, and service providers help with account growth and engagement. They’re also getting busy flagging accounts that use these providers. 

Just because Instagram is changing things, doesn’t mean your social media has to suffer. You just have to know how to make Instagram’s new system work for you, and change your growth strategy.

How to still get the most out of your social media 

1. Learn what works 

With Instagram seemingly having changed their API, you need to re-learn what works for your account. Track your analytics to see how your posts are doing now. Once you know what works, follow what you find! Because in order to get attention on Instagram now, you may have to change your social media game. 

2. Boost posts… selectively 

With Instagram tightening up the chance for new followers to discover you, you may need to do some boosts. The trick is to pick the right posts to spend that money on. So after you’ve discovered the posts that are hitting the best, give them a boost. And then stay on top of your audience engagement so you connect with any potential new followers who discover you. 

3. Disconnect from any untrustworthy growth services 

Instagram is on the hunt for anyone working to help users grow their followings. You don’t want to risk of being flagged and suspended for activities that violate Instagram’s terms and policies. Avoid that by getting rid of links to untrustworthy growth services. Do it… Now. Seriously. 

4. Get some help 

Already feeling overwhelmed? Get some help with your social media! By working with a professional, reputable social media marketing agency, you can hand all this Instagram drama over to someone else. That way you get to focus on what you love most about your business! 


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