Instagram feed inspiration: Ten brands we’re loving right now

We love some good Instagram feed inspiration! These are successful accounts that you can look to for ideas about how to connect with followers. Here are a few of our favourite accounts to go to for this inspiration!

10 accounts that are perfect for Instagram feed inspiration

One: Coffee Cartel Bali


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Coffee Cartel Bali demonstrates how a brand can make or break a social media account. While this is a coffee house, everything on the Coffee Cartel Bali Instagram feed goes back to the brand identity. There’s a clear colour scheme and vibe, making sure that followers know the company’s brand before they even set foot in the coffee house! You can bet that people who follow this account on Instagram and travel to Bali make a stop here to take pictures for their own feed, bringing in revenue for the business.

Two: Busy Philipps


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Busy is authenticity to the max! Her Instagram gives peeks into her life, but it also captures her humour and personality. That’s the balance we should all be looking for!

Three: Make Lemonade


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Make Lemonade manages to be positive without getting saccharine. That makes it feel like a safe place to admit to stress and failure, but then to get back up and going. The many photos of women working together and inspirational comments give a sense of community, creating a sense of friendship and warmth.



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Later Media shows how creating an overall look on Instagram can build your brand. There’s a clear colour palette and even a retro vibe used here. At the same time, while there is cohesion, all the photos are engaging and rich, making them a visual experience followers love!

Five: Jameela Jamil


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Jameela Jamil shows how you can include powerful statements in your social media. While she includes photos and promotions for her projects, she also challenges the expectations of women in our culture. She uses satire, connecting with her followers and making sure that her feed is both entertaining and powerful! Talk about some Instagram feed inspiration!  

Six: Barbie


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This account is brilliant! It takes Barbie and her friends, placing them in situations as though they were women on social media. The level of creativity can draw in all kinds of followers who want to see how Barbie and her friends’ lives are going to be built next. This goes to show how creative you can get with your products and services!

Seven: Away


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Away shows how you can balance promoting your product with providing value in social media posts. Instead of just taking pictures of their suitcases, Away shares gorgeous travel photos and information. By doing that, they are able to connect with travellers, not making them just feel advertised to.

Eight: A Color Story


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A Color Story entices followers with amazing photos. This is a great way to draw people in! At the same time, they make a clear offer of value… They will help you get colourful photos too.

Nine: Halo Top Creamery


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Halo Top Creamery is another master of social media photography! Each photo of their account is bright, fun, and perfectly on-brand. They make their products look enticing, encouraging followers to give them a try. At the same time, they always make sure to mention their differentiation point – their ice cream is low-calorie. This makes sure everyone knows why they should be opting for Halo Top over another brand.  

Ten: Agador


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This is a full-on dog account – and it’s adorable! Agador is always dressed to the nines, being placed in human situations. We love this account because it’s cute and charming. On top of that, it has a well-stated brand: Agador is the Bob Ross of dogs. We should all have such a clear focus!

Not sure how to use this Instagram feed inspiration in your social media? Use these tips to help you Instagram like a rockstar!