Instagram Reels vs TikTok: Which one is better?


Instagram Reels or TikTok: Trying to decide which is better? 


Both are relatively new to social media, and they are both quite similar in that they are short, vertical videos that users can share, scroll through, like and comment on. Let’s go through the differences between the two. 

What is TikTok?

The first thing to know about TikTok is that the platforms has over 1 billion users and growing. TikTok is quickly becoming the most widely used social media platform, thanks to  its hashtag challenges and its famous reaction videos, which people are loving these days. 

Here are some other key features TikTok has to offer: 

  • Side by side reaction video features to show the replied video
  • Duets, which means engaging with another TikTok creator to create one video  
  • Giveaways and product promotions, by showcasing them in TikTok videos
  • Tutorials and how-to-videos that allow viewers to find new ways to make everyday life a little bit easier
  • In-app editing abilities with voiceovers and captions

TikTok is becoming a hot platform for brands to showcase their products and companies through short, fun videos that grab the attention of their viewers. At least 84% of marketers are increasing their spending on TikTok. Another amazing feature of TikTok is the use of sound: One sound/track can go viral within a few minutes and will travel across the world. Users can use the same sounds to engage with each other, as well as using popular sounds for better video engagement. 


What are Instagram reels? 

After TikTok blew up worldwide, Instagram launched its reels feature in 2020. When reels first came out, brands would post directly from TikTok to Instagram reels. Reels are a great way to highlight collaborators and influencers. Now that short videos have become more popular than images with social media consumers, users started creating their own reels for Instagram which made their content more popular. 


Here are some other key elements Instagram reels have to offer: 

  • An alternative way to grab the attention of the audience 
  • Augmented reality (AR) effects to enhance auditory and visual experiences that can be used within different clips 
  • Uses specific Instagram audio that can easily be cut to cater to your video

Reels have 2x more engagement than Instagram photos, which is why it is important for content creators to post reels on their page.


Whether Instagram reels or TikTok is better for your brand really depends on who your main audience is, and how much effort you want to put into social media marketing. Many brands have adopted posting to reels, since they already use Instagram for marketing purposes. Keeping your content to one platform can be helpful for communicating with an audience that primarily uses Instagram. However, we’re seeing a fast-growing number of brands also posting to TikTok these days, to tap into a new and younger audience, and to take advantage of TikTok’s fantastic algorithm which can help accounts grow far more quickly than they can on Instagram – if you use TikTok just right.


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