Why Instagram video is your ticket to social media success


When it comes to using social media for business, Vancouver brands can put video to work for them.

Don’t let the idea of video intimidate you: armed with an iPhone/Android and an Instagram account, you’ve got what you need to stand out, deliver an interesting/entertaining message, and get noticed by would-be customers.

The whole idea here is to meet your customers where they are (on their phones) and give them the media types they love (video) to tell them a bit about your brand’s story. If you make an impression, chances are you’ve got a customer in the bag.

Instagram is the most accessible and easily managed social media platform for your video. So without further adieu, here’s how (and why) video is a must-have weapon in your Vancouver social media arsenal.


Video drives engagement

Did you know that Instagram gains higher brand interaction than any other social platform? Video grabs more eyeballs AND more engagement than static photos or images. If your competitors haven’t yet embraced using video in their social channels, you have a great opportunity to stand out and separate yourself from the rest of the pack.

When it comes down to it, engagement (likes, shares, comments) means people are interacting with, and therefore remembering your brand. And an interaction one touch point on the road to earning customers.


“Snackable” social media: Vancouver brands, take note

People really like short-form video content. “Snackable” sized content.

Remember Vine? At just six seconds, Vine videos really nailed a niche and provided a dynamic element of motion to an otherwise static social experience. However, once Facebook purchased Instagram and then rolled out video on the platform, the die was cast. RIP Vine, it was a fun ride. But the concept of short video lives on!

Six seconds might be too short, but video that’s under a minute is easy to digest for your time-starved customers. And easy for you to make!


Be where your customers are, show them stuff they like

Look around at the people with their noses glued to their smartphones. Most of them are watching videos as they blindly cross intersections and bump into telephone poles. Video is what people love, so let them eat cake. Video gives you the opportunity to really personalize your interaction with your customers by getting face-to-face time with them (in a virtual sense) and show them what your brand is all about!

Need some direction to start your social media marketing plan? Start here.

Ready to try Instagram video for your social media?

Nice. Here are six tips to get you started.

  1. Keep it short. We’re not making documentaries here. Think goldfish attention span – 8 seconds is hardly out of the question. You can run up to 60 seconds max, but don’t overlook the value of 10-15 seconds.
  2. It doesn’t need to be expensive. Video used to take weeks to produce and cost thousands of dollars. When publishing for social, shooting on your phone will absolutely do the job. Broadcast quality isn’t what’s important: the goal is to show your customer something entertaining, interesting, or emotional! The point is, don’t let technology hold you back. It’s all right there in your hand.
  3. Frontload your first 2-8 seconds. Grab your viewer’s attention! Give them a reason to pause in the moment to view your content or set their expectations for why they should stick around longer.
  4. Don’t tell too much in one video. Remember, we’re building short-form content here. Make more videos to tell more of the story if you need to.
  5. Platform differentiation. Video has a place on all your digital assets. While the attention span for social is shorter, long form content fits really well on YouTube or your website.
  6. Plan it out. Plan a series of videos you’d like to make, then review your plan. Do the videos complement each other? Is the theme consistent? Are you moving your customer toward some type of action. Then, plan each script. And finally, shoot and post!


Need a little help to start? Connect with our Vancouver social media agency

Video content is what your audience is expecting – it adds an undeniably dynamic element to your brand content. If you are looking to build more video into your social media marketing strategy, Legendary Social Media Vancouver is ready to help you out! Drop us a line here.

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