Is Facebook organic reach improving in 2016?


For businesses that use Facebook for marketing, you’ll have noticed that between 2012 and 2015, your Facebook organic reach on posts dropped dramatically. Last year, the benchmark for organic post reach was somewhere between 2% to 5%.

There are signs that the trend that annoyed Facebook page managers and social media marketing agencies so much may be changing for the better.

Last week, on the Legendary Social Media blog we posted this article about visual content marketing stats pulled from a HubSpot study. Within HubSpot’s numbers was another stat that’s not necessarily related to visual content marketing: Their numbers showed that Facebook organic reach for pages had doubled in 2015.

Why is Facebook organic reach improving?

There are two likely reasons for this:

  1. Marketers and business owners who manage Facebook pages are interacting better with their fans, or audience. They’re posting better content (usually that means photos and videos), and are posting more often.
  2. Facebook has tweaked its algorithm secretly to allow better Facebook organic reach on posts.

The team at Legendary Social Media hasn’t heard any confirmed news about Facebook changing its algorithm rules for post reach on pages, but it could be in the works.

What we prefer to believe is that Facebook page managers, including business owners, marketers and social media managers, are posting better content.

Why is better content better?

  1. The more we post useful, interesting and/or funny content for the audiences of our Facebook pages, the more we create win-win situations.
  2. Our businesses win with more active, engaged fan bases who are interacting with our brand on a regular basis. That helps our businesses stay top-of mind, and helps us build trust with our customers and clients.
  3. And our customers win because they sign on to social media networks like Facebook and Twitter, in search of that useful, interesting and/or funny content.

For businesses experiencing low Facebook organic reach:

Don’t lose hope! Earning high organic post reach is a long-haul game that can take anywhere from a few months to a few years. Keep posting awesome content and asking your fans to engage, and you’ll be rewarded!

Don’t have time? Send us an email about how we can help you get better Facebook organic reach from your page, and earn more sales and more loyal customers with our rare breed of social media management!

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