Is Instagram deleting accounts?!?

Apparently Ariana Grande and Kylie Jenner woke up this morning (Wednesday, Feburary 13) and had lost MILLIONS of followers.

No sympathy here for the celebs, but have you noticed that your Instagram has lost a TON of followers?

There are rumours flying about that Instagram has mass-deleted bot accounts and inactive accounts. Is it true? Here are the myths and the truths about this Instagrampocalypse that happens to fall on the 13th of the month.

Instagram is deleting accounts: Myth

It’s not true.

We heard that Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, did a mass purge this morning to delete accounts that are inactive, spam, or bots. It isn’t true.

Reading reputable sources that have actually checked with Instagram is the best bet, rather than relying on rumour. The Chicago Tribune reports that the “lost followers” are actually a glitch that Instagram is currently working to fix.

MTL Blog shows some conversations where people’s follower counts seem to change by 200 every time they log in.

Certainly seems like a glitch to us too. Have you noticed your follower count change? Let us know in the comments.