Is MLM-style emoji overuse really working?


How many emojis is the right number to put in your social media posts? Emojis can add context and colour to your posts, helping them stand out. But the number of emojis you use can range from none to MLM. You’ve seen them – the posts in Facebook Groups along the lines of: 


Hey ladies 🌟💖🚀 I can’t believe how well this product worked for me 🙌🏼 it changed my life and I want to help YOU 💕 get these amazing benefits too ✨ DM me for more info xoxo 😘😘😘


MLMs often appear on social media platforms, speaking the language of opportunity and prosperity with a cascade of emojis flowing throughout their messages. The idea is that excessive emoji command attention and convey excitement, but the question is: Does this emoji-laden approach truly amplify the message’s effectiveness and credibility? 


Understanding the real impact of emojis is crucial for marketers and content creators striving to build powerful, persuasive online narratives.


It seems science has found an answer to our emoji dilemma. A recent study took a closer look at the world of emojis and their impact on message credibility.

How many emojis is the “right” amount to use?


“Participants judge a message with many emojis as less credible than a message with no or a few emojis.”

Source: Social Media + Society


The research made use of three versions of a Facebook post: one kept simple without emojis, one with a moderate seven emojis, and one overloaded with twenty emojis. The results were quite eye-opening! Posts overloaded with emojis seemed to take a hit in trustworthiness.


People felt a bit manipulated by the excess of emojis, making the message seem less genuine. It’s almost like the emojis were trying too hard to sell the message, causing it to lose its authentic appeal.


“Emojis are perceived as a persuasive attempt, which… decreases message credibility.”

Source: Social Media + Society


What does this mean for brands on social media?


So, what’s the takeaway for brands and social media agencies


It’s all about balance. 


Emojis can be a fun way to add personality to your message, but it’s essential not to overdo it. Keep your social media strategy smart and considerate of your audience’s perceptions and needs. After all, you want your message to resonate and feel authentic, not lost in a sea of emojis.


Navigating the ever-changing social media landscape can be tricky. Whether it’s getting to grips with the latest features like TikTok’s text-based posts or finding the right tone for your content, staying adaptable and mindful of your audience is key. Emojis can be powerful tools when used sparingly and strategically—they can breathe life into text, make messages more relatable, and even enhance the connectivity of digital interactions. However, they should be used mindfully, ensuring that they complement rather than overshadow the message.


In essence, the takeaway for brands aiming to strengthen their social media presence is clear: moderation is key when it comes to emoji use. Research says that too many emojis make your message seem less trustworthy. Keeping the emoji use balanced and purposeful is the way forward for brands striving to make meaningful and impactful connections through their social media communications. Keep it real, keep it clear, and let your content do the talking!


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