Our top 8 favourite Facebook Ad designs we created in 2022


One of our favourite aspects of digital marketing is the creative development and evolution of visual assets we make in order to help our clients find success with their ads – especially in Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns.


Our team selected 8 of their top picks from our library of creative we’ve applied to our ad campaigns so far in 2022, including some static/photo assets, and videos.


Alien E-Bikes & E-Scooters

After extensive testing, the data showed that ads for Alien’s e-scooter products performed best in vertical video format, with better CTR and lower Cost Per Purchase across all ad sets.

We highlighted Alien’s top-selling e-scooter, the X10 Pro, with this product feature video that shows the experience of the ride while showcasing what sets this scooter apart from others on the market.

Similarly, Alien’s e-bikes features stand out from the crowd, so we created this roundup video showing their top-selling e-bike models to online shoppers.


YVR Cookie

Selling YVR Cookie’s delectable jumbo treats on Instagram and Facebook is one of our greatest pleasures. Even better is getting to play around with fun, colourful designs for their social media ads, and piecing together simple but effective slideshows that highlight the experience that each YVR Cookie delivers in each irresistibly indulgent bite.


Many of our photo-based ads highlight each individual flavour that’s available so we can put the sensation of devouring a YVR Cookie front and centre with each ad.



The Facial Room

We love using the visually striking photography we create for The Facial Room – the largest online retailer of Eminence Organic Skin Care in Canada – in their digital marketing assets. Paired with smart copywriting and minimalistic graphic design to match the brand’s aesthetic, we love how these designs turned out – almost as much as we love their performance in Ads Manager.


Woman holding product to her face with text to the left

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