Six ways to leverage your business using social media in Vancouver


How many businesses are there in Canada?

Less than 10,000? No way!

100,000? Nope!  

You’re looking at well over a 1,000,000 companies – and that’s not even including sole proprietorships!

If that sounds like a huge number, that’s because it is!

So how do you differentiate yourself in the midst of all this competition? You use social media in Vancouver to leverage your business, of course!

6 tips you can use to leverage social media in Vancouver to work for your business

1. Be consistent

Consistency comes in many forms when it comes to social media in Vancouver. It includes creating a content posting schedule and following it. People want to know when to expect your content, just like they want to know when a movie is coming out or the next episode of a TV show is airing. So make sure you deliver, by creating a schedule and sticking with it!

The other part of consistency is keeping your content focused. You build an audience based on the content you are providing to them. You keep them by continuing to deliver that same type of content. Again, let’s look at this through the lens of TV. You wouldn’t want to tune in for a fantasy show like Game of Thrones to find they’re doing a random, comedic Two and a Half Men crossover episode! Even if you LOVE both shows, you’d be disappointed because you don’t watch Game of Thrones if you’re looking for a sitcom. So make sure that, when it comes to your social media marketing, you stay consistent and deliver your audience what they’re tuning in for!

2. Know your audience

In order for your content to stay consistent, you have to know what kind of content you’re trying to deliver and what topics you’re focusing on. And in order to figure that out, you need to know who you’re trying to appeal to. Start with the basics:

  • What’s the age range for your target audience?

  • Are you trying to appeal to a certain gender?

Once you have the answers to these kinds of preliminary questions, it’s time to get deep!

  • Are you focusing on singles?

  • Couples?

  • Families?

  • Is your industry targeting the general consumer or, say, other professionals?

We suggest making a list of all the details you know about your target consumer. That list will then tell you your audience.     

3. Use the right platform

There are a TON of social media platforms and they’re not all created equal. That’s why it’s vital to use the platforms that work best for your business and gets you the audience you’re trying to connect with! For example, if you have a rave clothing line, you’re probably targeting singles and couples in their teens and 20s, which means you should be looking at Instagram. If, on the other hand, you run a luxury cruise line for families, you’ll want to connect with parents with some disposable income, so head straight on over to Facebook. Not sure which platforms draw the audience you’re looking for? Check out this handy-dandy guide we made for you!  

4. Engage, engage, engage

Once you know your brand, audience, and platform(s), the real work begins! Now you have to start creating posts, writing blogs, running online competitions, replying to others’ posts, and more. Is this sounding like a full-time job? That’s because it is… ours! There are no shortcuts when it comes to social media in Vancouver. That’s why so many companies looking to leverage their businesses, work with social media agencies like Legendary. We take care of their online engagement so they can focus on what they do best!    

5. Create great content

Some social media marketing companies try to argue that it doesn’t matter what you’re posting, as long as you are posting. But that’s crap! Your followers are there for your content. If you don’t give them anything worth sticking around for, they won’t! So don’t just post any old thing. Instead, focus on making your content interesting, informative, and engaging!  

The top way to use social media in Vancouver to leverage your business

6. Work with a social media agency, like Legendary

In order to leverage your business, you need the best possible team around you. When it comes to social media in Vancouver, that team is Legendary! We know how to identify and connect with audiences for all kinds of businesses and across all platforms. Plus, we create quality content that you can be proud to share!

So whether you’re ready to take your social media in Vancouver to the next level or just need some fresh content, get in touch with us today!

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