LinkedIn marketing tips: What to post to get noticed and get engagement


This blog post is part of our Lessons from SMSS15 series. Legendary Social Media is taking part in Social Media Examiner’s Social Media Success Summit, which is the world’s largest online social media marketing conference. This blog series covers the points and ideas we’ve taken from the course that we’ve deemed to be eye-opening and highly useful for other marketers and for small- and medium-sized businesses. To discuss any of the ideas in these blogs or other ideas about social marketing, please don’t hesitate to contact us here.

Marketing on LinkedIn is either an art or a science, or maybe both. As a marketing tool, LinkedIn works well for B2B companies, but not for B2C. And as we learned in our last blog post, based on the swath of useful information from LinkedIn experts Melonie Dodaro and Stephanie Sammons during SMSS15, the way to get noticed by other businesses is to produce original, engaging, helpful content that solves their specific problems.

Today, we delve deeper into LinkedIn marketing to talk more in detail about how to produce that content: What it should include and what exactly to write about.

What to write about

  1. Universally helpful business-type themes, such as professional development, career moves, leadership and marketing.
  2. Trends related to your own business’ niche.
  3. Trends in your target clients’ industry or industries.
  4. Personal insights and lessons learned. This is where your storytelling skills should come in!
  5. News that affects your target audience, with personal and professional insights and analyses.
  6. Posts that rehash, with your own insights and analyses added in, articles coming from LinkedIn influencers.
  7. Story or post ideas that come from LinkedIn influencers.
  8. Story or post ideas from LinkedIn Pulse. (We definitely recommend checking out that pulse page! It’s full of great suggestions of who and what to watch on LinkedIn.)

What to include in your posts

  1. A primary image, ideally one you created on your own (try Canva).
  2. Subheads for easier scanning and readability.
  3. Tags (this is a new feature; LinkedIn allows you to add up to three pre-set tags to a post).
  4. A call-to-action, such as a clickable image at the end, a link to your website or download page, or an invitation to call or connect.
  5. An amazing headline that your readers can’t help but click.

Extra tips for publishing posts on LinkedIn

  1. Share your posts a few times over a few weeks, and share them to specific connections who might be interested.
  2. Repurpose your website’s blog articles as LinkedIn posts, but don’t publish them on LinkedIn until a week or so after it was first published, as LinkedIn posts tend to gain traction quicker and can take away from your website’s traffic driven by the post’s headline.

Need help with producing tons of useful, topical and researched content for your target audience? Legendary Social Media in Vancouver has roots in journalism, which means we’re great at research and writing. And our social media savvy can help you manage your LinkedIn account to get you noticed. Interested? Send us an email.

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