Vancouver marketing for business: What it will look like 1 year from now

The face of marketing has changed quite a few times, even in the past 5 years. Not long ago, marketing was all about writing catchy slogans and tag lines to grab attention in newspaper ads and magazines, or for billboard ads and TV jingles. And while that still exists, marketing for normal businesses like yours has changed completely, from those outbound marketing tactics to the new wave of inbound marketing, dominated by quality content, social engagement and SEO-friendly websites.

What will business marketing look like 1 year from now? Here is a prediction.

Content marketing will get even bigger

The best content writers will become even more in demand as businesses steer away from promises of great copy from overseas and look toward home for native English speakers who produce original content tailored to your business’ target customer.

Content writers will push harder to define your business’ niche

As businesses are forced to compete on the online stage, differentiation will become indispensable. Your content marketing strategy will have to focus harder on the details that set your business apart from others and content writers will have to work to include that factor in every paragraph, message, tweet and caption.

Vancouver social media marketing will change but grow

While social media marketing is already vital to a business’ marketing strategy, and although certain social networks are shrinking in popularity, others will grow and become key to your business’ success. Text-heavy mediums like Twitter will continue to decline while Instagram, YouTube and other visual mediums will gain even more traction.

Advertising will die even more

One of our first blog posts was about the death of advertising. That slow death will progress to even further decay a year from now and content marketing will replace it. Businesses will realize that traditional advertising venues like magazines, newspaper, radio and even online banner ads don’t work anymore because people have immunized themselves and content marketing will rise in popularity.

Get ahead of the curve. It’s time to show people what sets your business apart from the crowd with original, engaging boutique-style Vancouver social media marketing, website design and content marketing. Let’s talk about it.


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