New “add-ons” for TikTok advertising in 2023


TikTok has just introduced exciting new “add-ons” for advertisers, allowing them to enhance their ad content and drive better results. These add-ons include stickers, pop-ups, and other visually appealing elements that entice viewers to interact with the campaign. Let’s explore the different types of add-ons available and how they can help brands achieve their marketing objectives. 


Standard Add-ons: Driving Clicks and Conversions 

Designed to generate clicks and conversions, standard add-ons focus on lower-funnel marketing objectives. They provide brands with interactive tools to capture users’ attention and encourage immediate action. 


Here are some of the standard add-ons offered by TikTok: 

Display Card: This add-on lets brands highlight key messages and offers within their ad content. By showcasing important information prominently, such as limited-time promotions or exclusive discounts, brands can effectively capture the interest of potential customers and drive them towards conversion. 

Gift Code Sticker: Incentives are a powerful way to engage with users. The Gift Code Sticker offers brands an opportunity to provide incentives for engagement, such as exclusive discounts or freebies. By incorporating this sticker into their ads, brands can increase user participation and create a sense of exclusivity and urgency. 

Voting Sticker: TikTok’s interactive features have always been a hit with users. The Voting Sticker enables brands to conduct polls, quizzes, or feedback forms. This not only encourages user engagement but also provides valuable insights and feedback for the brand. 

Countdown Sticker: Highlighting upcoming events or product launches is essential for building anticipation and excitement. The Countdown Sticker allows brands to create a sense of urgency by counting down to a specific date or time. 


Premium Add-ons: Enhancing Brand Awareness 

While standard add-ons focus on lower-funnel goals, premium add-ons cater to upper-funnel objectives, primarily centered around brand awareness. These add-ons provide visually appealing experiences to captivate the audience. 


Here are a few premium add-ons introduced by TikTok: 

Pop-out Showcase: This add-on allows brands to showcase their products in a visually striking manner. By integrating a pop-out feature, brands can offer users a closer look at their products, highlighting key features and enticing potential customers with a captivating visual experience. 

Super Like 2.0: Building on the popular Super Like effect, Super Like 2.0 takes it a step further. It incorporates eye-catching floating icons and a pop-up card after the Super Like effect appears. This premium add-on provides a memorable and immersive interaction, leaving a lasting impression on users. 

Gesture: By leveraging user actions, the Gesture add-on reveals additional product insights. Brands can design their ads to respond to specific gestures, such as swipe or tap, unveiling more information about the product. This interactive element enhances the user experience and creates a deeper connection between the brand and the audience. 


With the introduction of these new “add-ons” for TikTok advertising in 2023, brands have a wealth of opportunities to create engaging and interactive ad content. Standard add-ons enable brands to drive clicks, conversions, and immediate actions, while premium add-ons focus on building brand awareness and delivering immersive experiences.


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