New Instagram features: 7 cool new ways to DM


Direct messaging through social media is one of the most effective ways to talk to others, ask questions and even comment on something you like! 


Instagram has definitely stepped up its game when it comes to DMs.


If you are thinking about using Instagram for direct messages, here are 7 new features Instagram just released:  


1. Multitask while you browse

Instagram has recently added a cool new feature where you can directly reply to messages while scrolling through your feed. If a message pops up at the top of the screen, tap on the message and a keyboard will pop up for you to type with. Send the message and continue browsing from where you left off! 

2. Sending posts to friends 

Quickly send an image or reel to another user by clicking the share button below the post. It’s a super convenient way to share what you want while still scrolling!


3. See who’s online

Instagram has created a tool to see who is online, using the carousel at the top of the screen! It’s a new way to chat with friends and make new connections with others who are online, without leaving the app. 


4. Sharing through music streaming services 

Currently, you can share a 30-second preview of your favourite song to your Instagram chat right through Apple music (with Spotify and Amazon Music coming soon.) All you need to do is tap the three dots on the song, and click share song. This will take you to the song’s link where you can copy and paste to your conversation through the text entry field located in the messaging section of Instagram. This is an effortless way to share the music you love with your friends through Instagram!


5. Send silent messages 

You can easily send silent messages to your friends by adding @silent in your message. If you are someone who likes to send messages or posts right away but doesn’t want to interrupt your friends’ day, this would be a great feature to use!


6. New themes

Instagram has incorporated exciting new ways to DM, by changing the way your chat looks and adding cool new colours and designs to make chats more personalized and unique to you. To change your DM theme, go to the DM section, click the person’s name and choose a theme for your chat. 


7. Using polls in DMs 

You can now ask your friends questions using the poll sticker normally found in Instagram stories! The “poll” button is located within the chat. Tap the button and add a poll to your chat! Adding polls to group chats is a great way to showcase everyone’s opinions in one space without the answers getting lost.


These features are only available in certain countries for now, but hang tight, they might be coming to your country soon! This Later link briefly guides you through each new feature within Instagram DMs! 


Using Instagram DMs is a great way to contact the people you would like to connect with! Legendary Social Media finds all the unique features of each app and works well with finding which feature benefits your company’s needs. 


Contact us today to get a custom quote!


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