Organic social media metrics that matter in 2022 (and how to track them)


Understanding metrics is key to knowing what works well in your organic social media marketing strategy. 


There are many different social media metrics that can help you understand what resonates with your audience, and how your audience behaves and interacts with your brand.


Here are the most important social media metrics that matter in 2022 and how to track them:


Engagement Rate

Your engagement rate is specifically focused on the number of likes, comments and shares for what you post. The engagement rate will help you see what resonates well with your audience organically, and what doesn’t. The rate is determined by dividing your engagement numbers by the reach or impressions on your posts. 


A high engagement rate means you have an involved audience. If your engagement rate is low, there may be reasons to alter your social media strategy, the type of content you post, or look to other social media platforms. 


Response Rate 

Responding to comments and DMs will support your response rate, meaning the more comments and DMs you respond to, the higher your response rate will be. The response rate benefits engagement because viewers are more likely to engage with your content if you engage with them. 


Response Time 

This will determine how long it takes for you to respond to your audience. Your relationship with your viewers is essential to your strategy as this increased connection with your audience will encourage them to follow your growth. 



Impression shows the number of times your content is seen on social media. It is different than reach, which refers to the number of individual users who see your content. Impressions will be higher than reach, since a single user might see your content multiple times.. Impressions are there to indicate that your content is being looked at, and the content is reaching different audiences. 


Audience Growth Rate

Your growth rate in 2022 isn’t as important as the rest of these social media metrics though it is important to consider. Growth rate is how much your audience has grown, as a percentage of the number of followers on your account. This will help understand how quickly you gain new followers. 


The best way to track social media metrics

While each social media platform has its own analytics or metrics tool, searching through each app to track your metrics can be time consuming, and confusing as you navigate how each platform reports on these metrics.

Using a social media management tool with robust reporting capabilities makes the job easier for brands, and for social media professionals, including us. We use and recommend Sprout Social for social media publishing, listening, and reporting, including for the organic metrics listed above.


Social media metrics are important to measure how well your content resonates with your audience and play a key role in how successful your brand will be on social media. 

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