Pinterest for Realtors: Is it worth it?

Whether Realtors should use Pinterest for marketing and getting their listings noticed is a question we deal with often. Many Realtors use this social network to display their listings and interesting properties in their market, but what’s the return on investment?
Although we love Pinterest, it has its drawbacks. Getting traction on Pinterest for Realtors has gotten harder with time, as activity on the platform has increased. Pinners are less likely to follow you now than they were a few years back.
But is Pinterest a lost cause for real estate agents? Maybe not – there are plenty who have had great success with the network. The question is, is it right for you?

Here are 4 questions to ask yourself before tackling Pinterest as a marketing venue if you’re a Realtor:

  1. How much time can I commit? Building a following on Pinterest is a long-haul game. Realtors can expect building even a small Pinterest following could take six months, to a year or even more. Getting to this point could require about an hour of your time, three to four days a week. Is that a commitment you can handle?
  2. Can I keep it up to date? Since listings don’t stay on the market forever, you’ll want to keep your listings board up to date in order to avoid getting calls from leads, but ultimately having to disappoint them if the house they like is no longer available. Keeping your listings current is a must.
  3. Do my listings generate interest on their own? Realtors in the luxury or unique homes market are likely to have better success on Pinterest, because the photos they pin from their listings will generate visual interest on their own. Photos of “average”-looking houses may not generate the same appeal.
  4. Will Pinterest result in buyer leads? As a Realtor on Pinterest, you should expect that the vast majority of repins you get on any photos of listings you post will not translate into leads – most of these repins will be from people who are interested in real estate and/or decor, and share your images for their visual appeal, rather than because they want to buy the property. That said, over time, efforts on Pinterest can pay off by becoming leads. Having your name recognized on social media (whether that’s Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter) can result in leads calling you to buy or sell a home.

Like any social network, Pinterest is a long-haul game that can take more than a year to develop. Even then, there are no guarantees that your activity on Pinterest will become leads and eventually sales. However, done right, Pinterest can indeed result in huge success for Realtors – especially those with listings in the luxury and niche/unique markets.
Got questions about how to make Pinterest work for you? Or do you need someone to help make a customized social marketing plan to help you get more leads? Send us an email today!


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