The problems with hidden costs in web design in Vancouver


Vancouver website designers find themselves in a very competitive space flagyl tablets. There are literally thousands of us, and like with any industry, Vancouver website designers range from custom-only, high-budget designers that do nothing for less than $15,000; others will pump out copycat sites with nothing personalized for just $200.


Website design hidden costs

With high-priced designers just as with the cheapest of the cheap, there can be hidden costs in your website. Here are some questions to ask your Vancouver web designer:

  • are photos included?
  • is the text/content included?
  • is on-page SEO included?
  • do you get an email address?
  • do you have to buy your own domain?
  • will you have to pay to renew your domain every year?
  • does the website include a customized contact form?
  • can I access my website’s back end to make changes on my own when it’s complete?


What about after the website is launched?

Here’s where the big hidden costs can come in.

Many Vancouver website designers will require you to pay them a hefty sum, often $100 or more, for even the smallest change after launch. That’s how they make their money.

Plus, here’s the biggie:

If your website is a WordPress site, you’ll need to activate frequent updates. We’re talking once a month.

How much does your web designer charge for these updates and other small maintenance tasks, such as updating plugins?

Ask these questions before paying any deposit or signing a contract


Vancouver website design by Legendary Social Media

Not to brag, but we don’t charge for little updates. We’ve even changed full pages of text for free for our clients.

WordPress updates are free.

Plugin updates are free.

Minor site changes and updates are free. We’ll never charge you $100 to change your phone number, email, etc.

Our minor (and some major) changes are completed within a few hours, or within the next day.

We don’t charge for troubleshooting or support. Your website and email should work right, all the time.


Because we believe in your success.


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Need a new website for your business?

Need a website redesign?

Sick of being charged out the a** for small changes that don’t get done for two weeks?

Email us today. We can help. Seriously.

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