case study: the snuggit dog carrier

For the love of dogs...

If you haven’t read the story behind the birth of the Snuggit Sac, it’s one you’ll want to know. Bronwen truly loves animals to an extraordinary level, and with so many fellow dog lovers and owners on our team, we knew working alongside the Snuggit team was a match made in heaven.

An Instagram account with so much fur-baby love deserves a special level of attention, with the extraordinary number of comments and DMs that come through. We have supported the Snuggit by keeping on top of all those messages, styling an attractive feed, growing the account, providing consultation on user-friendliness to improve website conversions, and boosting sales through ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.

what we create

  • social media management
  • community management
  • facebook and instagram ecommerce ad campaigns