Shopify brands: There’s a huge reason why you should use the Shop Pay feature NOW


In the world of e-commerce, customer loyalty plays a vital role in the success of online businesses. 

With so many different online shopping options available to consumers, it’ scrucial for brands to find innovative ways to attract and retain customers. Shopify recently took a significant step in this direction by introducing Shop Cash: a loyalty program that offers 1% back on purchases made using Shop Pay.


Shop Cash: How it works

Shop Cash gives customers 1% cashback on eligible purchases made through Shop Pay. This means a huge differentiating feature that benefits customers by giving them a powerful incentive to choose brands that offer Shop Cash. Once a purchase is completed, customers can find their rewards conveniently stored within the app. These rewards can then be redeemed for future purchases within the app.


Is Shop Cash available in Canada?

For now, the initial rollout of Shop Cash is limited to eligible purchases from merchants and shoppers in the United States, but it’s highly anticipated that the program will expand to other regions soon – including Canada. As word spreads about the Shop Pay cashback program, customers will be drawn to brands that offer this exciting feature. Canadian businesses, in particular, should keep a close eye on the developments.

Why brands should install Shop Pay now

Customers will choose brands and that give back to them. Already popular Shop Pay’s new Shop Cash feature does just that, and the Legends think that this holiday season, shoppers will look to purchase from brands who offer Shop Cash’s benefits. It’s a great way to incentivize customers to choose your brand for their purchases and earn repeat business.


Could Shop Cash benefit your brand?

It’s likely that Shopify’s Shop Cash will be released in Canada soon. If you’re not using Shopify for your eCommerce platform, or you don’t already use the Shop Pay app, this might be the time to make a change and align your brand with what customers will be looking for, for their 2023 shopping behavior. 

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