Should Brands be Using the New Threads App by Instagram?


Instagram recently launched a new app called Threads, which has generated unprecedented adoption rates. With 30 million users on its first day and 75 million halfway through day two, Threads has quickly caught the attention of the digital world. But we have a few burning questions that we’ll explore in this blog:

  • Is Threads really a replacement for Twitter?
  • Is Threads a good place for brands to be?

Let’s dive in.


What is Threads? 

While Instagram is primarily focused on visual content, Threads takes a different approach by providing a platform for short text-based posts, GIFs, and memes, reminiscent of Twitter. Threads allows users to log in via Instagram and automatically follow all of their Instagram followers. The app aims to create a more intimate and private space for users to connect with their close friends and share updates in real-time. 


Threads vs. Twitter 

Vox points out that Instagram strategically launched Threads at a time when Twitter is experiencing setbacks following its acquisition by Elon Musk. By creating an app similar to Twitter, Instagram aims to capture a user base that may be seeking an alternative platform for sharing short-form content. Meanwhile, Twitter has reportedly threatened to sue over Threads, potentially due to similarities in functionality and format. 


Legendary Social Media on Threads 

As an early adopter, Legendary Social Media joined Threads on day one. Its explosive growth has proven significant interest and enthusiasm surrounding Threads. However, our company recognizes that being an early adopter comes with risks and uncertainties. 

Is Threads Good for Brands? 

The answer to whether Threads is good for brands is nuanced. On one hand, if Threads successfully replaces Twitter, it could present new opportunities for brands to reach their target audience in a different context. Particularly for industries such as science, technology, health, news, finance, and human rights which have traditionally performed well on Twitter, Threads’ short text-based posts could offer a unique channel for sharing valuable information and engaging with followers. However, it’s essential to acknowledge that Threads is inherently different from Twitter due to its Instagram connection. The dynamics of the user base, content style, and engagement patterns may diverge significantly from what brands are used to on Twitter. 


The launch of Threads by Instagram has garnered significant attention, primarily due to its impressive adoption rates in its early days. As a potential replacement for Twitter, Threads has the potential to shake up the social media landscape. 


We are excited to witness the rise of an app that could potentially challenge Twitter, which has faced criticism following its acquisition by Elon Musk. However, it’s crucial for brands to approach Threads with caution. While it may work well for certain industries, the differences introduced by the Instagram connection make it a distinct platform. Brands must carefully assess their objectives, target audience, and content strategy before jumping on the Threads bandwagon. 


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