Social Media Client Feature: Disco Cheetah Korean Grill


It’s not every day felines, food and Korean culture come together to create a trifecta of awesomeness. Today, we’re lending a big shout-out to our long-time client, Disco Cheetah – makers of the best kind of KFC (Korean fried chicken) on earth and a regular staple in Erin’s diet. Here are a few reasons to adore Disco Cheetah.

Our social media client, Disco Cheetah Korean Grill Vancouver

Disco Cheetah started as a food truck parked downtown in Robson Square, near the Vancouver Art Gallery. The food truck first appeared in 2014, when the owner, Kevin decided it was time to bring Seoul food to Vancouver. But we’re not talking about kimchi and bibimbap. Kevin wanted to bring the full creative force of Seoul’s present day food scene – and he nailed it! Having developed a huge following with his food truck, he recently opened his first brick and mortar store on Davie Street! From the moment it was announced, the press was all over it. It’s no wonder given how popular the Disco Cheetah food truck has been over the years. But don’t worry if you’re an old-school fan, the food truck is still around too

Disco Cheetah’s social media

We’re lucky to support Disco Cheetah’s growth with some carefully targeted social media campaigns. From the start of our relationship, we’ve focused on showcasing Kevin’s unique dishes. That has made Instagram an ideal social media platform for Disco Cheetah

A yummy Instagram Feed

We worked with Kevin to create a consistent, colourful look for the Disco Cheetah Instagram. We focused on a vibrant color scheme that highlights the mouth-watering food Kevin makes. If you check out the feed, you can see how the bright colours of each meal creates a fresh, welcoming vibe. While we keep the focus on the food most of the time, we also make sure to show Disco Cheetah’s clients and team from time to time! 

A funky website

In addition to handling Disco Cheetah’s Instagram and other social media accounts, we worked with our Graphic Design contractor, Katelyn Bishop, to build the company’s website. Again, we focused on bright, lively colours. This helps capture the lively, fun, and creative feel of Kevin and his company! Of course, we knew we had to show the food off right at the top. After that, we wanted to make the site easy to navigate and fun to engage with. 

There aren’t enough words to express how much we adore Kevin and the entire Disco Cheetah family! Thanks for letting all of us at Legendary be part of your journey, Kevin – and we can’t wait to see what comes next for Disco Cheetah!  


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