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Here at Legendary, we have been handling the social media for GOeVisit since the fall of 2016. More recently, the team at GOeVisit asked us to do a full refresh of their current social media marketing to really focus in on their target markets, based on what we had learned about their customers over the past two and a half years. So, we put together a long term strategic guide, and implemented that strategy, getting the company tangible results.

GOeVisit’s SmartExam app lets Canadians get professional medical care and prescription renewals at the tip of their fingers. Based here in Vancouver, the company is positioned to dominate the telemedicine market for Western Canada, which we think is pretty cool.

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GOeVisit’s social media

There are a number of aspects of GOeVisit’s social media that we take care of. These include:

One. Content on key social media platforms

Legendary handles GOeVisit’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram content. As the platforms each have different audiences, we create unique content for each one. This way, GOeVisit is always speaking to the right audience in the right forum.
Instagram: Millennial women, including students and young professionals
Facebook: Mothers with young children and seniors in rural communities

Two. Handle engagement

Engagement is one of the most time-consuming aspects of social media! There needs to be daily engagement addressing questions and comments. This can be a huge demand on your or your staff members’ time. That’s why we take care of engagement for clients like GOeVisit!

Three. Create and manage social media advertisements

We create all of GOeVisit’s social media advertisements. In addition, we do the media buys, choosing which advertisements will run on each social media platform. We also use our expertise to decide when is the right time to run campaigns. Our clients then get the greatest impact for their social media advertisements!

Four. Run influencer campaigns

Finally, we organize and manage influencer campaigns for GOeVisit. We make sure the right influencers are matched with the right campaign!

Recent social media campaigns for GOeVisit

We have completed a number of successful campaigns for GOeVisit. One of the recent campaigns was for International Women’s Day. Here are just a few of the ways we made this a hit on social media!

One. No fees

Any good social media campaign needs a good incentive. For GOeVisit’s International Women’s Day campaign the incentive we gave people to register for GOeVisit’s services was 3 months of access for no fee. 

Two. Influencer partnerships

Social media influencers are a key component of most successful campaigns. For International Women’s Day, we partnered GOeVisit with five vetted influencers. These influencers then helped promote the campaign to a wider audience.

The influencer team we chose created four Instagram posts, one blog, and five Instagram Stories. All of these pieces went live on International Women’s Day 2019, creating a buzz around GOeVisit! We then had two of the influencers create follow-up posts and Instagram Stories later in the month. These brought the campaign back into the public eye.


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Three. Social media posts

We made sure to promote the campaign through GOeVisit’s posts as well. In addition to directly speaking about the campaign, we also posted about women’s health, keeping the topic at top of their followers’ minds.

The campaign was a huge success! Not only did it boost GOeVisit’s Instagram followers and traffic to the company’s website, but it also led to a spike in registrations during the month of March. That’s in addition to the promotional signups on March 8th!

We are excited to get to work on GOeVisit’s next social media influencer campaign in the coming months!

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