Social Media Client Feature: The Mamatrainer


You know how much we love our clients! Today we’re sending mad love to a client who has been working with us since May 2019 – The Mamatrainer. This company holds a special place in our hearts as The Mamatrainer been training our fearless leader, Erin, since before she had her second baby back in March! Now, we get to share a bit more about this awesome company that helps new mamas feel their best. 

Putting the spotlight on our social media client, The Mamatrainer 

The Mamatrainer is run by Kinesiologist and certified pre and postnatal coach, Claire Gray. Born and raised in Vancouver, Claire has always had a passion for helping new mamas. She gets just how hard it can be to look after your health and fitness after having a baby. 

That’s why Claire provides in-home prenatal and postpartum fitness sessions, small group training, and online nutritional consultations. She designs custom nutrition and workout plans for her clients. 

Most importantly, Claire helps make sure new mamas aren’t too hard on themselves. She gives plenty of support and encouragement to help make sure her clients keep a positive mindset rather than judging themselves. It’s no wonder Claire’s clients call The Mamatrainer a godsend! 

The social media work we do for The Mamatrainer 

One: Social media styling  

Once we had Claire’s SEO plan and website in place, we moved on to more long-term tasks. The first one is styling. We handle the style for The Mamatrainer’s Instagram feed. We make sure that all the images that are posted pop – and that there’s a good variety of images on the feed at all times. 

Two: Caption writing 

We’re not just all about the images. We also take care of the captions for The Mamatrainer’s social media posts. We make sure posts are encouraging and promote the values Claire brings to her work. All posts are fun or inforformative (and sometimes both!). 

Three: SEO 

When we first started working with Claire, we noticed that her online presence wasn’t search engine optimized. Our first task was to change that. So we did a big SEO keyword research project, putting together a list of keywords that are right for The Mamatrainer. Then we took those keywords and revamped the company’s website to make it SEO friendly. 

Four: Blogging

We run Claire’s blog too. We suggest topics that we can SEO and that’ll appeal to The Mamatrainer’s target audience. Each blog captures Claire’s voice, allowing potential clients to see her personality and fall in love with her personality and work. 


We are so happy that we get to work with The Mamatrainer. Thanks for letting us help you connect with new and soon-to-be mamas! 

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